Men Who Comment Publicly on a Woman’s Body in France Will Be Fined


The French plan to eliminate “everyday sexism” and are searching for a definition of “sexual outrage” for a new bill to address it. They plan to fine men £80 if they make any comment about a woman’s body or appearance in public.

This law is only for men. Women can say whatever.

The fine will be levied if the man “infringes the freedom of movement of women in public spaces and undermines self-esteem and the right to security”.

It’s possible wolf-whistling will be punishable with on-the-spot fines.

Men who follow women down the street, block their paths or make loud and lewd comments regarding their physique or the way they look will be fined.

The issue is a big problem on public transport in major cities.

Some women complain they are being sexually assaulted in shops, on the metro and on the streets of Paris.

France’s Secretary of State for Equality Marlene Schiappa came up with the idea for the law.


  1. after a year or two of this when french liberals realize 95 to 99% of the men being fined are black and / or muslim because 95 to 99 % of the time it is blacks and / or muslim men who behave that way…they will abandon this…OR…. they will use it as ” evidence” of racism and islamophobia, and will come up with something else to tyranise white males even more……………the insanity of white liberals is easier to analyze everyday and the results easier to predict everyday…

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