Meriam Ibrahim Free In Italy!


Meriam Ibrahim, and her children and husband, to the surprise of her Sudanese lawyer, is safe in Rome today, having been flown out of the Sudan on a private government jet by the Italy’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Lapo Pistelli.


Meriam leaving with Minister Pistelli.


She faced death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith after her Muslim father or brother and some other alleged relatives claimed she was a Muslim and also an adulteress for marrying a Christian – something Muslims are forbidden from doing.

Sudan is supposed to be one of the moderate Muslim countries.

Meriam was raised by her Ethiopian Christian mother and knew no other religion after her father left them when she was six years old.

“This gesture by Sudan is testimony to the friendship between our country and Italy’s choice to be a protagonist in this event,” said Mr. Pistelli.

One has to wonder what this says about our relationship with Sudan. And where was Obama and the U.S. in general on this?

Mr. Pistelli first met Ms. Ibrahim two weeks ago at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum where she and her family had sought refuge after a failed attempt to go to the U.S.

He said her passport was only returned to her at the embassy on Wednesday afternoon and she was informed she could leave with her children.

She was flown out on an Italian government jet.

Her sentence of death had been lifted but the charges were not dropped. Family members were encouraged to drop their suit two weeks ago and they did. The likely reason for their lawsuit in the first place was to take over her market and her home.

She will fly to the United States in a few days. She had a private audience with Pope Francis who expressed “joy” and “gratitude” for her release.