Merkel Gives Okay to Prosecute Insulting Comedian



Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek prosecution of a German comedian for reading a sexually crude poem about Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on German television. She is responding to a request from Erdogan.

Merkel is brokering a deal with Turkey to keep some of the migrants in Turkey and has grown very cozy with the anti-Democratic leader.

Under a section of Germany’s criminal code, the government needed to authorize prosecutors to pursue a case against the comedian, Jan Boehmermann, who may have broken a German law by insulting a foreign leader.

The comedian is a satirist and made references to bestiality in his Erdogan jokes.

Satire can apparently be a criminal offense in Turkey.

At the same time she made this move, Merkel took the opportunity to press Turkey to uphold the values of freedom of expression, the press and art.

Seriously, she did.

This is the problem with any type of hate crime law or laws against insults as Hillary has talked about. In recently released Hillary phone conversations over Benghazi, this turned up:

 In a September 12 call with the Afghan President Hamid Kharzi, Clinton says at some point they need to talk “about religious feelings and insults and defamation.” Islamists seek to criminalize criticism (“defamation”) of Islam. The Obama administration worked closely with advocates for restrictions on free speech as part of their Benghazi video pr campaign.

Hillary has also shown support in the past for Democrat House Resolution 569 which is aimed at “condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.”

If we started prosecuting insulting comedians in the US as Merkel is, who wouldn’t be in jail? If no one can insult a foreign leader or their protected Islamists who are also trying to kill us, could we still call ourselves a free people?

Erdogan has been jailing journalists for years and has been after German satirists for a while. In March, this video popped up in Germany satirizing him right after Erdogan called in the German ambassador to complain about German satire.

Source: Egypt Independent


  1. Merkel is a Pig who chooses to lie in bed with Erdogan who is denying her citizens free speech and the Turkish people who are fighting for the rights to say what they feel! Hey Erdogan! You are a low life! Come over here and try prosecuting our free speech and see what happens…, If it were possible to have a blood transfusion to rid my German bloodline, I’d do it. Merkel thinks like she Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!

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