Featherhead Actress Meryl Streep Bashes Trump at Golden Globes


Melodramatic Meryl Streep bashed Trump to a very receptive audience at the Golden Globes when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award. These entertainers aren’t very entertaining.

Donald Trump responded.

She is adored by Hollywood which makes one wonder — why?

WaPo used it as a hit piece and called Trump a liar. The NY Times put out a transcript of her attack. Others called her courageous for her spewing of acrimonious invective at our President-elect during an entertainment event.

Others weren’t as impressed.

One popular twitter user brought up jobs, but Hollywood doesn’t care. They have jobs.

Hollywood Trump supporters didn’t look as impressed.

Still others suggest a boycott.



  1. she is a jack ass. the press is controlled by the government, and these so called stars? don’t give a damn
    about anyone but themselves. they too are all millionares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She is so great. Very smart woman. Just goes to show a millionaire can care with great passion. .The affordable health care.Clearly is not perfect. .But it ,s positive, s out weighed the negative, s.

      • It’s unsustainable, premiums will continue to rise, insurance companies will collapse, and it’s headed for Single Payer as planned.

  2. But she supports Hillary who took money from the Saudi’s who hate women? Obama did nothing for the African-Americans stuck in poverty under Democrat control for decades. Obamacaretax did nothing but raise everyone’s premiums while diminishing health care choices and treatments. I could go on but people like her make me ill. I had to suffer 8 long miserable years under Obama as he praised Allah and defended terrorist attacks in America. She will survive under a President who actually loves America. Thank God I didn’t waste my time watching this nonsense.

  3. Meryl is trash. She’s old,ugly, and full of crap! Nobody believes the press anymore, especially the “Hollywood Press”. All of these actors that are showing to be such asses of themselves should try a real job for once. Their money don’t impress me one bit and I’ll be laughing when I see that a lot of them will be struggling. Again, Meryl is garbage.

  4. They are just here to entertain period all actors are self absorbed and live in a me world .Time to pull them off the pedestals and instead of playing parts in movies start living in the real world

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