Messaging Israel & the Brotherhood With the Obama Budget



Israelis must know that they cannot trust the United States. Every message coming out of the White House provides quasi support of Israel at best.

JPost reports that, despite the fact that Egypt is conducting a shame trial of 19 Americans, Obama refuses to cut aid to them and the rest of the terrorists. The Brotherhood in Egypt has said that if they don’t receive aid, the peace pact with Israel will be altered or obliterated, which will likely happen anyway. The Egyptian people don’t even want the aid. They would prefer war with Israel.

WASHINGTON – Despite recent tensions between the US and Egypt and a new Palestinian Authority government set to include Hamas, the Obama administration budget unveiled Monday maintains nearly the same level of funding for both in 2013.

Egypt, which has arrested several US citizens who work for NGOs promoting democracy, is slated to receive $1.3 billion for military assistance under the plan and $250 million for economic assistance, as was also approved for 2012.

“Our goal is to provide the necessary funds. It’s obviously clear to all of us that we have issues we need to work through, and we’re working very aggressively to do so,” said Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides after the budget plan was released. “But this budget reflects our commitment and our desire to fully fund this initiative.”

He said the administration would be consulting with Congress, several members of which have said the detentions could cause the US to withhold money from Cairo.

The Palestinians will see a slight roll back in economic aid from $395m. in 2012 to $370m. in 2013 as well as cut back in police training from $150m. to $70m.

Jewish News reports that Obama has cut aid to Israel’s defense missile system by $6 million.

The U.S. budget proposed by the Obama administration for 2013 would cut the funding for Israeli missile defense programs by $6 million, U.S. officials said on Monday.

The cut would affect the development of Short Range Ballistic Missile Defense program and Arrow System Improvement Program.

The $3 billion annual military assistance to Israel, within the framework of the 10 years memorandum of understanding, will remain unchanged.

U.S. officials told Haaretz that the Israeli side knew of the cuts in advance.

The budget plan stipulates that no funds be allocated to a Palestinian state unless the Secretary of State determines and certifies that the Palestinians have addressed a long list of issues including “a firm commitment to peaceful co-existence with the State of Israel” and “taking appropriate measures to counter terrorism and terrorist financing in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Today, Obama announced that he is contemplating disarming the United States by cutting our nuclear arsenal by 80%.

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