Meth-Using White Supremacists Kill Innocent Police Officers in Vegas


slain officers

Two police officers, Igor Soldo, 31, and Alyn Beck, 41, were simply having lunch at a pizza buffet in a strip mall when two crazed killers charged in and shot them dead in cold blood. One officer was shot in the head. The killers, identified as Jerad and Amanda Miller from Indiana, then ransacked their bodies for ammo and weapons.

Jerad and Amanda Miller

Jerad and Amanda Miller, he was a street performer who often dressed in costumes

One officer had been able to get off shots.

After his wife shot him, Jerad Miller covered one officer’s body with the Gadsden flag, a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words, “Don’t tread on Me,” and placed a manifesto with a swastika symbol on one officer’s body.

The Gadsen flag is a revolutionary flag that has been used by the Tea Party. White supremacists are not Tea Party. The Tea Party does not condone meth use or Nazis or murder or attacks on police officers. The Tea Party loves police officers.

The suspected shooters then yelled to nearby diners: “Tell the police the revolution has begun,” before running from the scene to a nearby Walmart.

Jerad was confronted by Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31, of Las Vegas who was legally carrying a pistol. He didn’t know Jerad’s wife was behind him. She jumped out and shot Wilcox at point blank range.

“He had no idea the wife was walking behind him,” the police official said. “This guy (Wilcox) was not some idiot with a gun. To me, he was a hero. He was trying to stop an active shooter.”

When they were surrounded by SWAT, the female shot the male and then herself. The male, who was still alive, then shot himself.

The Washington Times reported that they were a meth-using husband and wife team who bragged about being on the Cliven Bundy ranch. Supposedly, they were kicked off the ranch. Carol Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s wife, told the Review-Journal the Bundys don’t support the kind of violence carried out in the shootings. “I have not seen or heard anything from the militia and others who have came to our ranch that would, in any way, make me think they had an intent to kill or harm anyone,” Carol Bundy said.

Amanda blogged on google +1 about her stay at the Bundy ranch.

Investigators say they were obsessed with conspiracy theories and planned to kill police officers in the days before the attack.

They were interviewed earlier this year when they threatened to blow up a Motor Vehicle office. They had strong anti-government views.

Miller posted the following on his Facebook page:

“There is no greater cause to die for than liberty. To die for that cause is easy, to live for it is another matter. I will willingly die for liberty. Death, in a sense is freedom from tyranny. Death, is the easy way out. Most notably is the “suicide by cop” routine. Yes, standing before despots is dangerous and most likely does not end well for you. I know this, my wife knows this. Soon they will come for us, because they don’t like what we think, and what we say. They don’t like the fact that we, simply will not submit to fascist rule. We don’t have much, but we are willing to sacrifice everything…….for you, for your freedoms. Even if you wouldn’t let us have ours. We know who we are and what we stand for, do you?”

Krista Koch, who lives in the Bruce Street apartment complex where the suspects lived, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the suspects were “militant” and had talked about killing police officers after going “underground” until it was the right time to kill.

Sources also told the paper they found swastikas on some of the Millers’ belongings when searching the couple’s apartment and were investigating their ties to white supremacists.

We will hear a lot about this story because it’s the first case in a long time that the media can blame on right-wingers, though as in all these cases, the perpetrators are simply lunatics. Jerad Miller had a police record for drugs, battery, criminal recklessness, et al. When left-wing extremists commit the crimes, they blame it on the Tea Party and when right-wing extremists commit the crimes, they blame it on the Tea Party.

Both officers were pronounced dead at University Medical Center. Beck had been with the department since 2001 and leaves behind a wife and three children. Soldo had been with the force since 2006 and is survived by a wife and baby, police said.

He was described as a good father and a “great guy” by his sister-in-law, Colleen Soldo of Beatrice, Nebraska. She said he attended high school in Lincoln, Nebraska, and previously worked as a corrections officer.

Read the story at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.