Mexico Pays for Illegals’ Amnesty Under DACA


NPR reports that the more than 50 Mexican consulates in the United States are making funds available to help illegals apply for amnesty under DACA.

Since the DACA (DREAMers-Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program began in 2012, at least 580,000 have applied for the two-year amnesty, which would allow them to hold jobs legally. Mr. Obama is threatening to expand DACA by Executive Order after the new year.

Only half of the eligible have applied and if cost is holding them back, Mexico is here to help.

When asked why Mexico is helping its citizens find ways to stay in the U.S., the NPR reporter was told that is not the Mexican government’s main objective.

“Our main objective is the well-being of our nationals wherever they are,” he said. “So what we want for them is that they are successful and really continue contributing to this country [the U.S.].”

Yes, I’m sure that’s it.

Mexicans in this country usually send the money they earn back home.They are poor, low-income workers. They can’t afford to pay for their amnesty so you know they will not pay taxes in the end and will be eligible for the tax credits. For those who don’t know, anyone who doesn’t earn up to a certain level gets paid by the taxpayer. This subsidy is another form of welfare we so generously gave to citizens and now non-citizens.

Mexico’s president Pena-Nieto recently derided our country for having an exclusionary and discriminatory tone towards illegal aliens when we have relied on immigration to make us what we are. His arrogance and his false accusation of racism stem from his desire to keep the money rolling in from Mexican nationals working in the United States.

He has untold resources but can’t seem to police his country and develop its resources so he wants ours.

One more affront to the U.S. taxpayer. Obama is the gift that keeps on giving.