Mexico’s Pena-Nieto Doesn’t Like Our Discriminatory Tone


President Pèna-Nieto of Mexico, echoing his disingenuous predecessor Philipe Calderon, thinks Americans who aren’t fully supportive of illegal immigration from Mexico are racists and are discriminating against Mexicans and others from south of the border.

This is absurd, especially since we have criminals and terrorists trotting across the border. Nieto wants the money Mexicans send back from the United States, draining resources from our country.

We have de facto illegal immigration now. Seventy percent of undocumented immigrants do not show up for their hearings and the federal government is doing nothing about it as people here illegally await the inevitable amnesty.


If you doubt Nieto’s dishonesty, check out how Mexico treats illegal immigrants. We already know what happens to a soldier who accidentally comes up to their border with registered guns in his car.

In April 2010, Michelle Malkin posted the Mexican immigration laws published in Mexico’s Ley General de Población – Cámara de Diputados.

This is my favorite – if foreigners upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics” they can be barred from Mexico.

That is real racism.

If immigrants don’t enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are not “physically or mentally healthy”, they are barred.

Our country is letting people in with respiratory ailments, TB, and a whole host of contagious diseases.

Wannabe immigrants to Mexico can’t be criminals or an economic burden.

We give our illegals welfare and we let gang members in if they claim they’re teens. Mexico checks their birth certificate, their bank statement and they must pass an exam and provide their own health care.

Illegal entry is a felony punishable by two year’s imprisonment in Mexico. Document fraud is subject to one and imprisonment. We ignore fraud.

Illegals can be kicked out of the country without due process while we give them endless legal rights though now it’s not necessary since Mr. Obama gives them all unofficial amnesty.

All law enforcement at all levels cooperate and must cooperate to enforce immigration laws.

Our DOJ has banned law enforcement including ICE from following the immigration laws on the books. They sue states that try to enforce the laws.

Mexico tracks every single tourist. We let them jump visas and ignore them.

Who is the bigot and who is the fool?

In October 2011, former Mexican President Calderon harshly criticized the United States for deporting illegal criminals instead of prosecuting them.  According to the AP, Calderon accused the United States of dumping their criminals – Mexico’s criminals who entered our country illegally – at the border because it’s cheaper. He had the gall to say it was causing more violence in Mexico.

As it turned out, it wasn’t even true, Mr. Obama’s administration was detaining them for six months and then releasing them.

We found out this past June, that Pèna-Nieto has been conspiring with Guatemala’s president to facilitate illegal immigration into the United States.

These corrupt dictators and socialists do NOT have our best interests at heart. Apparently, Barack Obama has a lot in common with them.