Michael Brown Looks Guiltier But Obama’s Peeps Create Mayhem in 80 Cities Anyway


When vigilantes can “protest” and riot for months out of sheer hatred for the police, with the full support of our president, what does that say about us as a nation?

Evidence doesn’t matter to the vigilantes in Ferguson and in 80 other cities or to the Obama administration if the victim is one of the “protected classes” and especially if the opponent is law enforcement.

Rioters, protesters and gang people can roam the streets causing mayhem and disrupting businesses with the full blessing of our lawless president just as the Occupy Wall Streeters did.

In the case of Michael Brown, evidence has been released that shows Officer Darren Wilson was attacked in the police car as he claimed. Officer Brown said that after Brown fled and he – Wilson – went in hot pursuit, Brown turned around and ran at him.

Brown was only shot from the front which appears to corroborate that version of the event.

Witnesses claimed that Brown had his hands up in surrender. The autopsy, however, released by the St. Louis Dispatch, shows his hands were down.

The “protesters” will need to change their chant, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

From the autopsy:

“The path of this shot is slightly upward, backward and leftward. The track of this bullet has been traced to pass via the skin, soft tissue to exit the skin of the upper dorsal right arm.”

The dorsal is the top side. Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot.

In addition, as many as eight African-Americans have given testimony to the Grand Jury that backs up Officer Wilson’s testimony. They haven’t spoken publicly because they are afraid, according to the leaks.

There is no apparent evidence thus far that Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown in any way except in self-defense and in the course of his duties as a police officer. That didn’t matter to President Barack “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” Obama.

Bassem Masri, a Palestinian Muslim, is one of the Ferguson rabble rousers who is supported by President Obama and AG Eric Holder.

There is a radical Muslim presence at all these protests and riots, including at Occupy Wall Street.

Bassem is a Palestinian who thinks Jews are murderers but his heroine is a Jewish Holocaust survivor, which makes as much sense as Ferguson protests for a petty criminal who attacked a police officer being encouraged by the president of the United States.

Bassem chased a CNN reporter off as she tried to report, claiming “they been lying'” and they are all run by “Zionists ya all.” Bassem and his followers said they are going to shut down Walmart and CNN and all the lying reporters. “Ya all demonizing and convicting Michael Brown,” they shouted.

In the next video, they are getting in police officers’ faces. They have utter disrespect for authority but this is what the Obama administration supports, just as he supported the Occupy Wall Street communists and anarchists.

Last week, KMOV reported that Ferguson “protests” have cost the taxpayers $5.7 million so far.

Evidence is irrelevant, the Ferguson protesters continue to “protest”. They threw rocks and bottles at police Wednesday as they continued to terrorize people and shop keepers in particular in Ferguson during their “protests”.

A good day in Ferguson is two arrested and no one hurt. “Marches” like this are being held in 80 cities.

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