Michael Moore Says Trump and Supporters Are Nazis



Communist Michael Moore wrote on his blog five tips on voting to make sure “Trump loses”. His bigoted diatribe included accusations that Trump and his supporters are Nazis. Nazism would best fit his statist, anti-Capitalist peeps.

One excerpt under the title, You Are the French Resistence, shows his flair for deceptive language:

The Germans were coming! The Germans were there! Well, friends, our fascist (Drumpf!) is coming! That’s the mind-set you need to be in. For the next three months, the kids have to get themselves to soccer! Work on your marriage in December! There’s no time for hot yoga! No one in the French Resistance ever said “I can’t blow up that Nazi train today ’cause I feel like I might be coming down with a cold!”

He believes the election is over. God help America if that’s true.


  1. He should have taken some time to work on his marriage. His wife tried taking him to the cleaners. Amazing an anti-capitalist could accumulate so much $ and desirable real estate, in the good old USA. Hypocrite doesn’t do him justice.

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