Michigan Elector Answers the Question of Whether Electors Will Switch Their Votes


It’s very clear the unhinged and hysterical Democrats want to upend the election and destroy the electoral process. They want to make the Electoral College subject to threats and campaigning and if that doesn’t work, we can expect to see a big push to abolish the Electoral College, which will mean we are no longer a Republic.

A Michigan elector on the phone with Neil Cavuto said he is getting thousands of messages urging him and others to vote for Hillary.

“It’s been pretty crazy. In fact, just today the mailman dropped off over 700 letters to my house. I received over a thousand in the last two days and that’s just threw snail mail. I’ve gotten thousands and thousands of messages on Twitter, on Facebook…,” Michigan elector Michael Banerian told Neil.

He’s the elector who has been on TV to discuss the death threats he has been receiving.

The messages aren’t even from people who live in Michigan. [Soros and other leftists likely sent out their mass mailings.]

“Very clear, they want me and all my other elector colleagues to change our votes for Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Banerian said, “and I think it’s kind of funny that these messages aren’t even from people from the state of Michigan. Most of these letters come from California, and New York, and I just think it’s kind of comical that these people think that my vote is more beholding to their wishes than the millions of Michiganders who voted for Donald Trump.”

Neil asked him what he is finding out whether electors are switching their votes.

The Michigan elector said, “Yes. I think the only situation where we’re finding that is an elector who is going to switch is in Texas and I can’t imagine anyone else.”

“If if may say something about that particular elector — I find it absolutely shameful that a person would go against the will of the voters of Texas because, if you look at the facts, the arguments he’s making don’t make any sense.”

“He was elected at the Texas G.O.P. State convention. He signed a legal affidavit saying that he would support the nominee for president and vice president of the united States, under the Republican ticket. He then appeared on the Texas ballot as an elector to for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and he was elected as an elector for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, not to be a rogue elector. So I think it’s a incredibly deceptive and I think somebody who thinks their opinion is somehow better than millions of Texans and in my case millions of Michiganders who sent the message, and to change that voice and not deliver that message, is irresponsible and shameful.”

“I’m very disappointed in his decision and I don’t think any other elector will do that.”