Migrant Gang Rapes of Teens Go Unpunished, Brings Out Hundreds in Protest


Hundreds of women in the heavily migrant-populated city of Malmo in Sweden protested after the last three gang rapes in a month of teen girls by migrants. The last gang rape of a 17-year old was very brutal, they were all brutal, and the police response was to tell women to not go out at night or walk in pairs.

Breitbart London reports that joggers are now escorted by armed police for protection.

The much lauded “feminist” government the nation’s media are abusing women on behalf of migrant men from Third World pits because it’s politically correct to ignore the obvious.

David Icke, an author and public speaker, writes: “We have a government that claims to be feminist, but at the same time does not act, when the legal system signals that women’s bodies are public property,” said medical student Camilla Lundgren who organized the protest.

The main reason for the protest, according to Mr. Icke was the Swedish court released three men accused of raping women in Fittja last year and on Tuesday, the court acquitted all five defendants in the case due to insufficient evidence.

The women whose lives are ruined mean nothing to the leftists. Women are valued less than political correctness. The agenda is all that matters and the same thing could easily happen here. If it wasn’t for Trump, we’d be there. Fortunately, he’s delaying what might be the inevitable.


  1. Meanwhile here in the U.S. nut job California Gov. Jerry Brown used a Christmas holiday tradition to grant pardons Saturday to two men who were on the verge of being deported for committing crimes while in the U.S.

  2. Sweden is paying the price for its leadership’s welcoming of ‘refugees’ from oppression. Kudos to Hungary and Poland for opposing quota immigration. The EU is chock full of idiotic leaders that live behind armed guards and promote the forced immigration of criminals and radical Muslims into public life.

  3. Sweden and most of Europe, except Hungary and Poland, are finished. Just a matter of time. They get what they deserve, Why they want to self destruct and let Islam take over is a mystery that will never be examined or solved.

    • Liberalism is a religion which is the Black Plague of our time. Instead of a rat we have liberal ideology and instead of fleas that carry the disease we have liberals.
      Liberalism is meant to be the fore-runner of an evolution culminating in communism and a one-world order. Its goal is to break down all existing traditional operating institutions of a society, thereby creating an increasing dependency of a “nanny” state.
      Its mechanism is the technique of creating one class as the “oppressor” and every other group as the “oppressed,” creating constant conflict which will result in wearing down the “oppressor” until all groups are under the control of the state.
      The “oppressor” in western culture is the white, straight male because they are the most powerful and controlling segment. All other groups are therefore “oppressed.” In Sweden, the liberal “nanny” state already exists, run mostly by women.
      Muslim migrants are the “oppressed” and must be protected at all costs, even if this means that acts normally seen as illegal and violent by native Swedes will be unpunished when committed by members of the “oppressed” Muslim men.
      That is why rapes have gone up 1,750% in Sweden, with nearly 100% committed by Muslim migrant men. Any resistance to this policy is met with being shamed as racist by not only the government and authorities, but by a remarkably passive and accepting native population.
      This is the inevitable result of years of liberalized government and society. The only possible outcome is complete breakdown of Swedish traditional society and increasing intrusion of Islam along with establishment of Sharia Law and increasing violation of the sexual safety of Swedish women, who Muslim men see as insignificant property to be used and discarded at will.
      All other crime has already increased dramatically–arson, beatings, robbery, rioting, attacks on police (who are not permitted to use sufficient force to control criminals and who have 55 no-go zones where it is unsafe to patrol) and destruction of property go mostly hidden from reporting.
      The government and many liberals throughout Swedish society are in denial of the magnitude of the problem or that a problem even exists at all.

      • Agree. Also interesting that the EU Government is enforcing acceptance of immigrants, suppressing reporting immigrant violence as ‘hate speech’ and in two cases, one Greek the other German, officials state that Africans are the only hope for ending European population decline and that Muslims will be majority in Germany by 2050 so get used to it.

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