They’re Federalizing Local Utilities Now


Mike Lee

Even the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been fully politicized. It is being used to federalize locally run utilities. Senator Mike Lee of Utah says there’s not only enough surplus in Michigan to handle it, but they won’t stop at their request for $100 million.

That’s certainly true because it has since climbed to $220 million. Local officials and other Democrat politicos are talking about $700 million to billions. It’s a way for them to funnel money to their home towns while avoiding the legislative process so they can in turn use that to buy votes.

The bill isn’t only for Flint. It opens the water gates for all local utilities to be funded – and ruled – by the federal government.

It’s not the federal government’s job and it’s not a crisis Michigan can’t handle. The governor has done an excellent job of building up a surplus.

This is a bailout and it will begin the nationalization of local utilities. We are going down a dangerous road.

U.S. Sen. Mike Lee’s statement, which explained that the measure proposed by U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, both D-Mich., represented a “federalizing” of water infrastructure, objected to the bill, arguing the state has not directly asked Congress for any emergency spending and has its own surplus to spend if it needs money.

“Michigan has an enormous budget surplus this year and a large rainy-day fund,” Lee said. “Relief and repair efforts are already in the works. The people and policymakers of Michigan right now have all the government resources they need to fix the problem. … The only thing Congress is contributing to the Flint recovery is political grandstanding.”

Republicans are caving because they don’t want to be crucified in the press.

Stabenow was surprised by Lee’s comments and said it won’t cost “one penny” because it won’t increase federal spending. That’s how Obamacare was sold.

You can take that to the bank or not!

The Democrats want to use federal money to repair Flint’s pipes which sounds like federalization to most of us.

Once this is done in Flint, the federal government will be repairing pipes everywhere – it’s in the agreement. They will then take money and power from the states and filter it through their money laundering machine. They will have the right to tell these localities what to do.

It’s a trojan horse.

“What’s happening in Flint is a long-term, far-reaching crisis,” Peters said. The Democrats and the newspapers will make it so while ignoring the EPA’s role in making it happen and the EPA’s role in the long-term crisis the EPA caused with their massive toxic spill into the Animas and San Juan rivers.

Notice how that has disappeared from the news despite the lies, despite the lingering effects?

Lee sees it as a federal power grab to authorize spending across the U.S. It’s obviously the case.

“What’s really happening here is that Washington politicians are using the crisis in Flint as an excuse to funnel taxpayer money to their own home states, and trying to sneak it through the Senate without proper debate and amendment,” he said. “I respectfully object.”

Lee would prefer loan credits for emergencies.

This has been a Hilary Clinton talking point.

It’s another Trojan Horse. It’s a short-term reward for Flint and a long-term destructive piece for the United States.

Source: Free Republic and Detroit Free Press