Mike Morell, Former Intelligence Chief Lies About Benghazi Again



Mike Morell, former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency during the Benghazi attack, lied in an interview with Bret Baier on Special Report. He lied about Benghazi originally, he lied in his book, and he lied during the interview.

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard gave two examples.

First, Morell complained in the book that his critics are cherry-picking, but Morell did the exact same thing in his book and in the interview. In the book 13 Hours by the contractors on the ground in Benghazi, they said there had been constant surveillance of the facility and they were in high alert hours before the attack yet, remarkably, it doesn’t appear in Mike Morell’s book. He simply leaves it out.

Secondly, in the discussion of Abu Khattalah Morell said it wasn’t clear if they were there to attack when the indictment specifically and repeatedly refers to the attack as deliberate and well-planned. Khattalah wanted to go there to kill Americans because he thought illegal activities were going on there.

Hayes said, “Don’t we deserve something better than to have intelligence officials that mislead as a matter of course, who did it at the time, who do it in their book, who do it in interviews, Shouldn’t we expect that our intelligence professionals would tell the truth and be straight with the American people?”

It doesn’t make sense that Morell sees it as a spontaneous attack as well as a terrorist attack.

Interestingly, when asked about weapons being sent from Benghazi to Syria, he said they were watching. Watching is what the CIA does and they were watching weapons being shipped out in secret and illicitly and which ended up in the hands of many of the wrong people.