Sultan Erdogan Appears to Have Won As He Continues His March to an Islamic State



Update at the end

Barack Obama backed another awful dictatorial leader.

Erdoğan, backed by Obama,  defeated the coup which is most unfortunate since they were the good guys hoping to return Turkey to secularism. Erdogan will push the nation further toward an oppressive Islamic state.

More than 190 were killed according to Turkey’s Chief of Staff. More than 1100 were wounded. A total of 1,563 military officers have been detained. Erdogan is arresting everyone who ever disagreed with him.

Some have sought asylum in Greece but most are being returned.

Erdoğan called for the people to come to the streets and support him and unfortunately they did. They were grabbing military from tanks and making citizens’ arrests. They were seen beatinga nd killing the rebels who hoped to bring back democracy to Turkey.

Reuters reported at the time that Erdogan wass in Istanbul and forces loyal to him were suppressing the last of the insurgents.

“They will pay a heavy price for this,” said Erdogan, who also saw off mass public protests against his rule three years ago. “This uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army.”

Erdogan enforced his own coup in May. He forced out Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and put his son-in-law in his place. He completely ignores the Constitution and has altered the judiciary.

Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power in 2002, a year after the formation of his AK party. After 11 years as prime minister, he made himself the country’s first direct elected president in 2013.

He has incrementally grabbed power and thrown journalists in jail – 80% of the media is state-run.

He said it was all “ceremonial”.

Daily Beast describes a man who lives like a Sultan and has neo-Ottoman delusions.

Freedom House reports that Erdogan has been eroding freedom of the press in Turkey at an alarming rate over recent years. His unhinged crackdown on journalists culminated last month in the seizure and state takeover of opposition newspaper Zaman, which is now embarrassingly owned and operated by the Turkish state.

The Daily Beast reported:

Under Erdogan, between August 2014 and March 2015 alone, 236 people were investigated for “insulting the head of state.” From 2003 to 2014, 63 journalists were sentenced to a total of 32 years in prison. A 16-year-old boy was indicted earlier this year for calling the president a thief during a demonstration. If convicted, he faces a four year sentence. Even a former Miss Turkey has been charged for posting a poem on her Instagram account that the “Sultan” found offensive.

This is how the great Turkish Republic, long a bastion of pluralist secular Islam, is slowly being reduced to the midlife crisis of one megalomaniac hunting down comedians in foreign countries.

It’s importance as a strategic partner and NATO member cannot be overemphasized.

The president of Turkey filed a criminal complaint against Jan Boehmermann, a German satirist for writing this unflattering poem  about him.

Due to Germany’s archaic laws against offending organs of “foreign states,” one of Germany’s most intelligent satirists has been ordered by a Hamburg court to censor his song about Erdogan’s brutal assault on Turkey’s press.

Speaking of brutal assaults. The Islamists handle the coup as one would expect – with sickles.

Crowds beat the soldiers attempting the coup.
Crowds beat the soldiers attempting the coup. Photo via The Daily Mail

Here is an update for you and you won’t like it.

Remember When Hillary Took Credit for Resetting Relations With Turkey, Called It ‘Smart Power’

Original Story: While President Erdoğan was on vacation, some in the military have claimed control of the government. Erdoğan said he plans to fight back.

Erdoğan has asked the people to take to the streets to take the country back. He has been refused permission to land in Turkey.

His Chief of staff has been taken hostage and all social media has been blocked. Erdogan forces are pushing back however. Unfortunately, people are taking to the streets as Erdoğan asked and the military doesn’t really have a leader as they did in Egypt with el-Sisi. It looks like it hasn’t worked.

It has been a tense situation for a long time between the secularists and the Islamists under Erdoğan . Erdoğan is blaming an imam who lives in Pennsylvania for the uprising, Muhammed Fethullah Gülen.

Turkey is a NATO ally and we have an important air base in Turkey but the military do have a good relationship with the U.S..

The military sees Erdoğan ‘s policies as dangerous. They appear to be taking powers back and hoping to put it into a secular democracy from an Islamist government. This has been the role of the military in the past. Every decade or so they take the country back to a more secular stance.

Erdoğan has been Islamizing the country, putting journalists in jail and changing the judiciary. There are more journalists in jail in Turkey than in China.

“Turkish Armed Forces have completely taken over the administration of the country to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and the general security that was damaged,” the military said in a statement. “All international agreements are still valid. We hope that all of our good relationships with all countries will continue.”

Explosions and shots are being heard throughout the capital.

Tanks have been posted outside Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, while armored vehicles were photographed outside TRT offices.

All flights from Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport have been canceled, Reuters reported citing a witness.

The Turkish military announced it was seizing power in the country “to protect the democratic order and to maintain human rights.”

Turkey has been facing threats from ISIS and the PKK who want their own country within Turkey.

If Erdogan does prevail, he’ll probably be even more brutal than he’s been.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan , speaking by cell phone to CNN Turk from an unknown location, vowed that Turkey would “overcome this invasion” and called on Turks to “gather in squares and see what this minority can do with their tanks and artillery against the people.”

“Throughout history those who make coups have been unsuccessful, and I absolutely believe that these will be unsuccessful as well,” Erdoğan said, adding that the architects of the takeover attempt “will absolutely pay the price for this in heaviest manner.

Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party or AKP in Turkey has eroded the separation of powers and restricted independent state institutions in that country according to MEMRI, The Middle East Research Institute.

Turkey’s courts are not independent because the AKP holds the majority and passes all of its own bills no matter what anyone else wants.

Journalists, authors and citizens are arrested for “insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government. Anyone who disagrees is a traitor or a pawn of some entity like the U.S. or Israel according to Erdoğan .

Police are becoming increasingly more  brutal to protesters and the government is not afraid to kill them.Erdoğan has a pen and phone and rules unilaterally, violating the constitution.

I’m rooting for the secularist military.

Pro Erdogan supporters gather in New York’s Times Square. It was originally a Black Lives Matter protest.


  1. KERRY/ WH really screwed up this one. Don’t believe no one knew of the cuop. This is why it occurred and failed. Back around June 24, Erodigan publicly and in a letter apologized to Putin and the family of the Russian bomber jet shot down by Turkey in Nov 2015.

    Also since they shot down that Russian bomber, there had been relentless cyber attacks against Turkey and much much more too many to mention here.

    Here is the real deal….. when he apologized to russia and the pilots family,,,, russia and turkey relations (behind the curtain) zoomed back to normalcy plus more….

    But the now warm and fuzzy relationship with Russia also gave the green light for the coup…. the coup was planned earlier but got the “no go” since the Russian bomber got shot down , and russia/turkey relations bottomed out.

    The USA loved it when Russia/ turkey relations went sour. The plan A-coup now became plan B. The plan B (feather in the Pennsylvania cleric back to turkey) now became Plan A…..

    And here’s the kicker,,,,, after the Turkish apology to Russia (June 24ish) the WH/Kerry were so pissed by this unexpected apology they changed the plans again…. the coup was again Plan A,,, and the pennsylvania cleric Plan B.

    But little did the WH/Kerry team know,,, Putin was so thrilled with the Turkish apology,,,, he gave the turkey president a gift,,,, the gift being revealing the planned upcoming coup….

    The russia/turkey plan was to get the Turkish president on vacation at a resort, by the way,, this is where the Turkish military helicopter went on an assassination mission…. and landed at the resort and attacked the presidential villa….
    But the president wasn’t there … He was hidden away at another location…. the Turkish helicopter with the commandos took off and landed in Greece (hoping the got the president) but failed…..

    Here’s the double kicker ,,, WH/Kerry on Thursday before the coup Kerry “drops in” for a visit with Putin…. But really Kerry is to be there or near-by as Plan A goes into gear and plans to brandish USA tough talk as turkeys president is assassinated and plans are to bring the pennsylvania cleric back… And the next president to go is syrian….
    But LOL all USA plan A and plan B fails and kerry got to get out of russia….

    The USA is getting desperate and perpetually embarrassed by their failing policy in mid-east…. Russia is maneuvering Obama/Kerry for further failure in Syria… and south China sea..and Ukraine….

    USA is getting desperate for a win/win situation anywhere and at any price includes nukes introduced in ww3.
    Good luck and God Bless you and your family .

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