Military Tuition Assistance Cut But Not So for Illegals


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As illegal immigrants are being given tuition assistance, our government is cutting tuition assistance to our military, using budget cuts and sequester as an excuse. It’s yet another Obama crisis that is completely manufactured.

States like Colorado, California, and Massachusetts are lowering tuition for illegal immigrants and hoisting the bill on taxpayers [These colleges receive federal assistance], but our military is losing their tuition assistance.

The president doesn’t care if he hurts the citizens, with the military at the top of the list because it will hurt the most.

We recently heard about the parks administrator who was told by his superiors in an email to not reduce the pain of sequester when reallocating where the cuts would be made.

If you go to the Washington Times you can see the email from higher-ups that informs the government department to make the Sequester as painful as possible. The email to an APHIS official said in part, “…So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.

Our military should be the last to be cut, but they are always the first. Obama wants you to believe that the budget must never be cut. This is one of his political ploys to prove that as was the cancellation of the WH tours. He even tried to cut the vaccinations of children.

Darrell Issa appeared on Greta Van Susteren Tuesday to report the findings of the President’s own nonpartisan watchdogs. They uncovered $67 billion in waste that Obama could easily cut and which would make up for 80% of the sequester. Obama is uninterested.

Byron York appeared on the same show and said that while they are laying off federal workers, they are at the same time hiring close to 700 new workers out of a 2.2 million work force.

Obama is going to waste $36 billion in military equipment in Afghanistan without a thought. He wanted to give $450 million to Egypt but Congress convinced him to send the lesser amount of $250 million. Federal workers owe $3.5 billion in back taxes – make them pay up. The Citizens Against Government Waste have found that $3.3 billion was wasted by the government in 2012. Any of these, would allow our military to keep their assistance program.

None of that matters. President Obama wants the Sequester (which cuts one-tenth of one percent of the president’s budgetary spending) to hurt so the false argument can be perpetuated:

via Stars & Stripes

The Army announced Friday it is suspending its tuition assistance program for soldiers newly enrolling in classes due to sequestration and other budgetary pressures.

“This suspension is necessary given the significant budget execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible year-long continuing resolution and sequestration,” Paul Prince, an army personnel spokesman at the Pentagon, wrote in an email to Stars and Stripes. “The Army understands the impacts of this action and will re-evaluate should the budgetary situation improve.”

The Army’s announcement follows a similar move by the Marine Corps.

The Army’s tuition assistance program was available for troops to complete a high school diploma, certificate program or college or master’s degree. Under the program, the Army paid 100 percent of the tuition and authorized fees charged by a school up to established limits of $250 per semester hour or credit hour or up to $4,500 per fiscal year.

“The Secretary of the Army has approved the suspension of Tuition Assistance effective 5 p.m. (Eastern Time) on March 8, 2013. Soldiers will no longer be permitted to submit new requests for Tuition Assistance,” read a statement posted Friday on the website. “However, Soldiers currently enrolled in courses approved for Tuition Assistance are not affected, and will be allowed to complete current course enrollment(s).

“This change in the Army Tuition Assistance program applies to all Soldiers, including the Army National Guard and Army Reserves,” the statement read…

The Democrats are desperate to never cut anything and they will hurt everyone we love to make it happen:


We could cut foreign aid or the billions for the UN fund, the Asian fund, the IMF, the list goes on and on.

Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2011 Reported in $US millions, Obligations – Wiki
Country U.S. Total Economic and Military Assistance FY 2011, $US millions Economic Assistance FY 2011, US millions Military Assistance FY 2011, US millions Aid received per person recipient FY 2011
Afghanistan 12,924.40 2,659.00 10,265.40 434.32
Israel 3,026.40 31.30 2,995.10 404.97
Iraq 2,147.60 1,183.90 963.70 70.65
Pakistan 1,700.10 1,026.90 673.20 9.07
Egypt 1,471.20 172.50 1,298.70 17.92
Haiti 1,263.40 1,261.50 1.90 129.98
Kenya 1,032.10 1,029.50 2.60 24.61
Jordan 850.80 531.60 319.20 130.73
South Africa 757.00 755.30 1.70 15.45
Philippines 610.80 584.50 26.30 6.00
Ethiopia 607.00 606.30 0.70 6.85
Tanzania 560.10 559.20 1.00 12.29
Sudan 534.70 534.70 0.00 15.93
Nigeria 530.10 519.20 10.90 3.20
Uganda 469.90 469.00 0.90 14.43
West Bank/Gaza 463.60 463.60 109.71
Colombia 436.00 276.00 160.00 9.75
Congo (Kinshasa) 427.70 405.70 22.00 5.96
Mexico 411.20 317.50 93.70 3.62
South Sudan 387.70 345.10 42.60 38.24
Mozambique 350.30 348.60 1.70 15.26
Zambia 323.20 322.80 0.40 24.07
Somalia 278.90 203.60 75.30 28.10
Liberia 256.60 243.40 13.20 67.77
Indonesia 252.30 229.10 23.30 1.03