Military Tuition Assistance Program Cut, Senators Rally to Restore it


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Our military have suffered under multiple tours overseas, they risk their lives to serve their country, and they need to find jobs when and if they leave the service. The least we can do is provide tuition assistance. That was the deal when they signed up. If Obama wants to be “fair,” he needs to re-fund that program immediately.

The president claims to be concerned about PTSD so how does he think not helping them get trained in another occupation once they leave will affect that condition? All he seems to care about is taking their guns away.

Obama decided the Sequester cuts must hurt and how can they hurt us the most? By hurting our active duty military. Senators Imhofe and Hagan put through an amendment Wednesday to a stopgap budget bill that would restore the program. Senator Imhofe suggested we cut the green agenda which doesn’t belong in this budget to begin with. He said he has Democratic support!

We can send $250 million in aid to Egypt along with tanks and F-16’s, a country where our approval rating is about 13%. Why don’t we not send them money and have our approval rating drop to 9%??? We are told that we must bolster their economy? Why? So they have enough money to make weapons? We put absolutely no restrictions on them. We are supposedly buying their good will – hogwash! They attack our embassy, burn our flag, send delegations to meet with Gaza while they are bombing Israel, let’s hold them accountable.