Mind-Blowing Network of Donors to The Resistance


The Washington Free Beacon obtained the secret donors to the Resistance movement on their unredacted tax forms. The list won’t come as a major surprise since most are recognizable.

George Soros, Kelloggs, the food giant, and Fidelity Investments are major donors.

The Resistance movement has broad tentacles and is an umbrella for numerous offshoots. It has been tied to Hillary Clinton, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Indivisibles, Obama’s Organizing for America, and violence in general at Republican representatives’ town halls. The donors follow.


  • WK Kellogg, the food giant, $3 million
  • Ford Foundation, not the Motor Co., $2.35 million
  • Open Society (Soros), $1.75 million
  • California Endowment, $524,500
  • Marguerite Casey Foundation, $515, 000
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift, upon recommendation, $505,100
  • National Immigration Law Center (open borders), $316, 000

Deepak Bhargava, the executive director of the Center for Community Change, sits on the advisory board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.


The Center for Community Change Action is a Washington, D.C.-based progressive community organizing group. They keep their donor list secret but some were revealed on the form. It is the “social welfare” arm of the Resistance movement. The donors:

  • Every citizen counts, $1.75 million (mobilized Latino and Black vote for Hillary campaign)
  • Open Society Policy Center, $1.475 million (Soros group)
  • Sixteen Thirty Fund, Progressives, $610,000
  • Center for Community Change, $150,000)
  • Services Employees International Union (SEIU), socialists, $150,000
  • Atlantic Philanthropies, $75,000
  • Tides Foundation, the largest liberal donor-advised network, among other funders, $50,000


This arm of the groups was founded by Eva Longoria and America Voice.

They fund:

Families Fight Back which in turn funds Immigrant Voters Win PAC (for months George Soros was the sole funder of the Immigrant Voters Win PAC)

The Emergent Fund.

The Emergent Fund consists of the Solidaire Network, the Threshold Foundation, and the Woman’s Donor Network, claims a goal of pushing back against “immediate threats” to “immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, black people, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color.” Charlene Sinclair, the director of reinvestment at the Center for Community Change, sits on the board of directors of the Emergent Fund.

The Emergent Fund gives grants ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 and has provided financing to Black Lives Matter; the Center for Media Justice; the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative; and United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the United States.

The Center for Community Change has since joined United We Dream for nationwide immigration protests leading up to Trump’s inauguration. United We Dream was additionally behind “sanctuary campus” and anti-Trump protests across the country to protect undocumented students.

Christina Jimenez, the co-founder and managing director of the United We Dream Network, herself attended high school and college as an undocumented immigrant. Her group is tied to open borders and Soros’s-Hillary’s MoveOn.

One email I received last year read:

Dear MoveOn Member:

This Sunday night, at 8 p.m. ET (7 CT/6 MT/5 PT), join MoveOn and allies for Ready to Resist: Emergency Call #3 to hear from the mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges and United We Dream’s Cristina Jimenez about how cities and towns can be the frontlines of resistance to Trump, share strategies for the week ahead, and prepare for “Resistance Recess,” when we will directly address members of Congress who will be back home from D.C.

The massive web is mind-blowing.


  1. What are they resisting against???…I will tell you, they are resisting against anyone who is pro-USA, pro-white race, anti-Islam.

    they are resisting against people who want to stop illegals from invading other nations and so on and so forth

    they are resisting against anyone who exposes the main stream media for what it is; the propaganda arm of the anti-white, anti-USA, pro-islam left

    They are resisting everything that is good and sane.

    Actually they are not resisting, the ones resisting are us, those liberals simply are good at finding names that are the opposite of what they are.

    Remember when Obama had abolished private or secret Union voting? members could no longer hide what they voted for or against…but the left and Obama called it the opposite of what it was ( can’t remember the name right now )

    The affordable care act( Obama care) is actually UN-affordable

    the left is not resisting, it us who are resisting, but they grab names and slogans before we do, they are very clever at manipulating, cheating, lying, deceiving etc etc

    they are pure evil.

  2. Recently I’ve watched a number of videos of protests in St Louis and other places and noticed something rather interesting. One would assume if a protest is race related, namely about blacks, you would assume the majority of those on the streets Would be the blacks. Yet, in All these street protests the majority are far from being mostly black, rather the proportions are upwards of 90 percent white, maybe even higher. This would suggest in all these BLM protests the majority in the black population wouldn’t agree otherwise they, too, would be in the streets. Initially when BLM started about Ferguson there was a significant and clear majority of black protestors but since then that has faded to a very small number. Interesting.

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