Miracle in the New Year As 7-Year Old Little Girl Walks to Safety After Tragic Plane Crash – Update



A 7-year old little girl survived a plane crash that killed her parents (pictured above), her older sister and her 14-year old cousin.

Shortly before, the pilot – her father – called in a desperate distress call telling air traffic control that an engine was down. The Piper PA-34 then crashed.

The miracle of surviving of the plane crash wasn’t the entire story. The little girl then walked about three quarters of a mile over rough terrain barefoot, in a light top, shorts through the dense woods in the dark until she came to a house and knocked on the door. She had a bloody nose and cuts on her legs but somehow did not suffer any serious trauma though there are reports she suffered a broken wrist and navigated the woods.

She has already been released from the hospital into the care of her family though medical officials said she is still in physical and emotional shock.

Larry Wilkins is the man who answered the door. She said it is “toughest land you’ll ever see in your life” barefooted, in the dark. “That’s one tough little girl, brave little girl,” Wilkins said in an interview with Yahoo News Saturday morning. “I don’t even walk through it in the daylight.”

She told Wilkins her parents had just died.

Wilkins had her lay down on the couch, put her legs on a pillow and called 911.

The four victims are Marty Gutzler (father), 49, Kimberly Gutzler (mother), 45, Piper Gutzler (daughter), 9, and Sierra Wilder, 14 (Piper’s cousin). They are all from Nashville, Illinois.

It took officials a little over two hours to find the plane and all aboard were deceased by the time they got there.


Update: 01/04/14



A fund has been set up for little Sailor Gutzler:  Sailor Gutzler Fund