Mission Accomplished: More Than Half of Illegal Crossings Succeed


mission accomplished

The government has a “sophisticated airborne radar system” named Vader – Vehicle Dismount and Exploitation Radar, which they are using along the US-Mexican border. The radar operates from a Predator surveillance drone. The data collected indicates that “fewer than half of the foreign migrants and drug smugglers [and terrorists] crossing the border are being apprehended. LA Times

The Government Accountability Office overestimated the count recently, saying that 64% were caught.

Janet Napolitano would have us believe the “border is safer than ever” and, referring to securing the border, she said, “We’re confident that the border is as secure as it’s ever been.  But there’s no one number that captures that.”

Catholic Online, along with a number of news agencies, has reported that ICE agents are seeing the numbers of illegals crossing the border double in the last few weeks. One reason is the threat by Barack Obama to cut agents hours, leaving the border unmanned for two hours a day, and the other is the announcement that an amnesty deal is imminent. Since this report, President Obama has said he will not cut agent’s hours but it’s always a looming threat with this administration.

Fox News reports that Mexican drug cartels are deep within our borders, establishing themselves as our new Mafiosa. The cartels are sending their most respected agents to set up shop. The cartels are showing up in our major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., and rural North Carolina. Suspects have also surfaced in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane warned in January that drug cartels “are taking over our neighborhoods.”

Is this the time to pass illegal immigration reform?