Mississippi Law Is Aimed at Compelled Speech Not Discrimination



There is so much bad publicity out attacking the Mississippi religious freedom act that it seemed like time to present the other side.

Compelled speech is at the core of the new religious freedom law in Mississippi. It is a bipartisan bill that was passed to prevent forced speech, not to promote hate. It seeks to protect religious people, not discriminate against LGBTs. Whether the law goes too far or achieves its goals remains to be seen.

The new Mississippi law does not challenge Federal law or protections for LGBTs but it does seek to find a middle ground that protects religious people. It includes a bathroom bill for businesses. Who wants men in the bathroom with little girls?

There is strong bipartisan support for the bill in the state of Mississippi and it does not allow discrimination based on sexual orientation. It does not in any way affect gay marriage.

Just the same, the radical governor of New York has banned all but emergency travel to Mississippi and others in the media and elsewhere are using highly inflammatory language to condemn the bill, its supporters and the state. The media and many on the left mistakenly portray the law as vehemently biased against LGBTs and one that will allow businesses to discriminate against them.

The bill seeks to protect businesses that deal with wedding-related services. It does not protect businesses from discriminating and it doesn’t protect cake bakers from baking gay marriage cakes though cake bakers can refuse to write messages that violate their beliefs. To do otherwise would be to force compelled speech.

Mississippi only wants to preserve and protect the liberty and human rights recognized by our Constitution.

Governor Bryant said the new law “does not limit any constitutionally protected rights or actions of any citizens of this state under federal or state laws.” Bryant added, “The legislation is designed in the most targeted manner possible to prevent government interference in the lives of the people from which all power to the state is derived.”

If you click the link in the paragraph above, you can read the bill to decide.

There is no doubt LGBTs need and deserve protection but religious people do too. Compelled speech is a bridge too far. Can’t we find a meeting ground on this issue? The goal isn’t to hurt LGBTs.

CNN’s Don Lemon tried to say it’s what they did to black folks. If there is a legitimate argument that this violates any LGBT rights, the courts are the place to contest it, not on Don Lemon’s TV show. He’s an idiot.

The left has successfully but erroneously drawn equivalence between LGBT issues the same as those of blacks who suffered through slavery.

Lemon also said religious liberty is “code for discrimination.” The left is attacking religious freedom and free speech using LGBTs to make it happen. They need protection too from bullying and fascism.