Mitt Romney Might have Opened the Door to Run for President


mitt romney

There is a January document making the rounds that links to the FEC. It is a Super Pac application for Romney for president It is the same PAC that supported the 2008 McCain and 2012 Romney races – Red Curve.

In addition, Romney never completely closes the door on a possible run.

Romney said he does not want to be considered an alternative to save the party, there are no circumstances he can foresee in which he’d run for president, there’s no reasonable situation he can imagine in which he would run. From that, people concluded that Romney left the door open.


In the interview this morning, Romney explains why he came forward.

Why doesn’t the establishment try to talk to Donald Trump and advise him on policy as opposed to destroying the party over it? If the people choose Trump, they need to accept it.

The power brokers in the Republican party will do anything to keep their power. Many of them are liberals which is why they behave like liberals.


Andrea Tantaros blasted Romney two days ago for lecturing voters, especially since he’s a liberal himself and hardly a conservative.

Senator Ted Cruz has warned against a brokered convention. It’s the establishment’s “pipe dream.”

“At this point, I’m not engaging in negotiations. I’m focussed on winning the nomination. I have to say a lot of folks in Washington are talking about a brokered convention.[…]

“In my view, a brokered convention ain’t going to happen, and if the Washington deal makers tried to steal the nomination from the people, I think it would be a disaster. It would cause a revolt. Instead, the answer is real simple. We’ve got to win this nomination, 1237 delegates is what it takes to be the Republican nominee. If you look at where we are in delegates right now, fewer than 100 delegates separates Donald Trump and me. I am the only candidate that has the delegate count and the state wins that is in a position to beat Donald Trump. If you want to beat a Donald, the way to do it is coming together behind this campaign.”