“Moderate” Egyptian President Pardons Terrorist Cleric, Wagdi Ghoneim


The “moderate” Brotherhood President Morsi of Egypt pardoned hateful, evil cleric, Wagid Ghoneim, a terrorist who will help destroy Egypt and incite others to kill Chrisitans, Jews, and secular Muslims. Wagdi was thrilled when the beloved Coptic Pope Shenouda was murdered, cursing him to hell.

I am so glad they elected a MODERATE President as Obama and Hillary have made clear (clear as mud).

Via Raymond Ibrahim [info originally viewed at Weasel zippers]

Wagdi Ghoneim, the Islamic cleric whose many terrorist-connections and activities got him exiled from Egypt where, under Mubarak’s rule he was sentenced to do five years in prison, has, according to several Arabic news sites, just received a general pardon from Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi.

Wagdi Ghoneim: Coming back to Egypt to help set it aflame.

Ghoneim is especially renowned for his hate-mongering and constant incitements to kill Christians, Jews, and secular Muslims. Most recently, he praised Allah for the death of Coptic Pope Shenouda, cursing him to hell and damnation—even as many Egyptians were mourning him during his state funeral.

Perhaps because of the scandal caused by this news of Ghoneim’s pending return, those close to President Morsi are now denying that the Muslim Brotherhood President has pardoned him. Even Ghoneim’s own website, which originally boasted of his coming return to Egypt, has removed the notice…Read further…