Mohammed Morsi Threatens Protesters & Media



Mohammed Morsi threatened taking unspecified and imminent measures to “protect the nation” following two days of violence between opposition demonstrators and Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo. On Friday, a Muslim Brotherhood office was torched and a Freedom and Justice Party building was ransacked.

What is most alarming is that Morsi threatened the media, claiming they incited the protests and riots. Morsi is opposed to free speech as we know it.

via alarabiya

“I am president of all Egyptians and I will not allow anyone to tamper with the nation,” President Mursi said in statement posted on Twitter, adding: “If I am obliged to do what is necessary to protect this nation, I will do, and I fear I am about to do that.”

“I urge all to maintain order and keep calm, and i repeat that the right to peaceful demonstration is guaranteed to all,” Mursi said.

The Islamist president added that the “law must be applied when the security of the nation is in danger.” He accused opposition media of inciting violence and warned of punishment.

“Some people are using the media to incite violence, and whoever is found involved will not escape punishment. Whoever participates in incitement is a participant in crime,” he said.

He said, “the attempts that seek to portray the country as a weak state are failed attempts [because] the state institutions are recovering and are able to deter anyone who oversteps the law.”

There are also credible reports that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the military and is planning a coup. That is the same military we are providing with tanks, fighter jets and billions in aid. The threat of vigilante groups and militias run by hard-line Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood has raised the specter of a possible confrontation between the military and these militias. [Stratrisks]