Mom Finds Her Adopted Son to Discover He was Killed Over Lockerbie


Oregon widow, Carol King-Eckersley, was  a 19-year old daughter of a Principal when she became pregnant. She felt pressured into giving up her newborn son whom she only saw once, swaddled in a blanket in a lawyer’s car as he was being taken to the home of his adoptive parents.

Carol King-Eckersley

She knew his name and date of birth but promised never to search for him. She always hoped he would one day show up at her door and say ‘Hi, I guess you are my mom,’ she told a bbc interviewer.

She went online to find him and did, but was immediately devastated to find he was one of the victims on Pan Am flight 103 that was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland. She told the same interviewer, ‘I found him and lost him on the same day.’

Her son’s name was Kenneth Bissett.

Kenneth Bissett was a 21-year-old Cornell University junior enrolled in Syracuse University’s study-abroad program in London when he boarded Flight 103 to New York on Dec. 21, 1988. Both his adoptive parents are deceased and when Syracuse held the 25th anniversary in his memory, she was grateful to have been included.

Kenneth Bissett

Kenneth Bissett

“There was always the hope and dream that some day there would come a knock at the door and I would open it and there would be this tall handsome gentleman saying, ‘Hi, I guess you are my mom,'” King-Eckersley said. “When I saw that on my computer it was like somebody had turned out a light because that hope was gone.”

“I’m still in the semi-numb part after you lose a loved one,” she added. “Even though I didn’t have him with me physically, he was always in my heart. I thought of him pretty much every day.”

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