Monday Morning Kickoff: Rewarding Illegal Immigrants with Social Security



We are the world. Illegal aliens from around the world are pouring into our country, 60% are illegally crossing our borders, 40% are visa overstays, and they are being welcomed. Hillary Clinton thinks Barack Obama is too strict on illegal immigration.

It was only 12 years ago when Hillary Clinton said she was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration which some want you to believe doesn’t exist – there is only immigration and migration and no human can ever be illegal.

In February 2003, in an appearance on The John Gambling Show, she said that she was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration but now demonizes anyone who is.

Listen to her “evolve”:

On the same show, she said that we need some new form of ID and might have to require them of American citizens. Spoken just like a true totalitarian.

Speaking at an Iowa town hall during her previous presidential campaign in November 2007, Clinton pitched an idea similar to Trump’s recommending a database for illegals to stop another potential terrorist attack like 9/11.

“So what are our options? I think you’re not going to be able to get people to come out of the shadows if you say if they come out of the shadows then you’re going to deport them. And so therefore you’ve got to give them some sanctions, penalties, fines, but bring them out so we know who’s here,” Clinton said then.

“I feel really strongly about this because, you know, some of those hijackers who flew those planes into the World Trade Center, they came here legally and they overstayed so they were here illegally and we didn’t have a clue. I want to know who’s in this country. I want to keep track of them,” Clinton said.

Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed in May that if elected, she would try to expand President Obama’s deportation amnesty to more illegal immigrants, saying this administration has left out a number of aliens who deserve to be granted legal status.

Speaking in Las Vegas at a Cinco de Mayo meeting focused on immigration, Mrs. Clinton also called for granting attorneys at taxpayer expense to illegal immigrants, and said she would like to re-examine detention to ensure more illegal immigrants are released as they await deportation.

She plans to give all illegal immigrants amnesty.

Hillary thinks Obama is too strict, but is he?

It appears that about 80% of people here illegally are protected from deportation thanks to Obama’s various illegal laws.

If you are an illegal immigrant under deferred status who committed fraud to work illegally in the United States and earned an income, you can now roll that over into a permanent life benefit in our imploding Social Security system.

If you are here legally, the crime of identity theft now carries a maximum penalty of 15 years imprisonment and substantial fines.

If you used a fraudulent Social Security card and are here illegally, you can reap the rewards per a 2014 memo uncovered by The Daily Caller and posted again this morning at Hot Air.

The government uses the term “unauthorized work” but nothing is said about the crime of  identity theft and the fact that US taxpayers have to fund this.

Yes, Hillary, Obama is so strict.

The University of Maryland has posters hung around the school with left-wing claptrap and one of them says, What if illegal immigrants were called undocumented citizens. My question would be what if they were called “deportable migrants.”

This is simply unsustainable but leftists believe everyone in the world who steps inside this country is entitled to our hard-earned success.

The fraudulent use of a government identity card to obtain retirement, disability and survivor payments available through the Social Security System and fooling employers into hiring illegals  is profiteering in addition to criminal identity theft.

We now not only have open borders and full amnesty, we reward the lawbreakers from a system that is going broke.

Obama is so strict Hillary.

In 2012, the IRS posted a notice on its website to tell tax preparers it will accept tax returns with an “ITIN/SSN mismatch.”  The IRS’ online e-file system was previously designed to reject computer-filed tax returns that showed an ITIN/Social Security number discrepancy.  That has been changed to make it easier to file tax returns for undocumented workers. According to the agency notice, “The IRS has changed the programming to ensure that these returns will not be stopped.”

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration agrees. Last year his agency released an audit showing undocumented workers now receive more than $4.2 billion annually in Additional Child Tax Credits.

They can also receive back monies for the time they collected illegally and didn’t file a return.

The ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) because of an IRS loophole allows illegal immigrants to use that number to claim Additional Child Tax Credits and some are collecting for children living in foreign countries.

Obama is so strict.

Personally, I can’t wait until we see what Hillary will do.