Monica Crowley’s Riveting Speech on the Fundamental Transformation


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Monica Crowley gave a very provocative speech at the annual Restoration Weekend hosted by David Horowitz. It is well worth listening to as she describes the ideology of control that was always Obama’s plan when he promised a fundamental transformation of the country.

I am paraphrasing the speech here but it doesn’t do it justice:

This battle is not on the beaches of Normandy but it is just as historic. We are at war. There is a war against America, the constitution, our values, and the free market.

We are battling the ideology of control. Whether it is fascism, socialism, communism, no matter how it is dressed up, it is about control.

President Obama was mentored by Marxist Franklin Marshall Davis, he chose Marxist professors, he hung out with the Marxist students, he was tutored in Alinsky tactics,  he worked closely with ACORN and SEIU, he sat in the pews of the church of the anti-American Rev. Wright. He began his presidency talking about the fundamental transformation of the country without explaining what he meant, leaving the people to interpret what that meant.

He began his presidency with a war on the Fox News channel and the largest wealth redistribution in US history – socialized medicine.

The lies, corruption, hypocrisy, corruption, targeting of opponents are all part of his tin pot dictatorship.

Of all the scandals to rock this Administration, the most dangerous is the IRS scandal. In prior Administrations, the IRS was used by elites to attack other elites. In this Administration, it is the elites using it against the people.

The DOJ spying on journalists and the NSA scandal are meant to intimidate and shut people up or else.

The left said that Nixon set up an environment for the scandals that beset his Administration. Mr. Obama set up the environment for his scandals.

Obamacare is about control and government power as is gun control and immigration reform.

There is nothing normal about this presidency. This is a completely different ball of wax. He is not a Democrat, or a leftist, or even a radical, he is a revolutionary.

Nothing is superficial and he is not incompetent. This is the opposite. Leftists know what they are doing, the timeline might not be working out, but everything that is happening is the logical consequence of a sick ideology.

We are experiencing Orwellian horrors under totalitarian control.

Monica Crowley said she has spoken to the few conservatives in the media and they have never seen it this bad. One told her that in 30 years of left-leaning media, this is the worst. She said that every morning at 10 am, when they prepare for the evening news, they start the conversation asking, how do we protect President Obama today?

Leftists are focused on the bigger picture – the fundamental transformation of the country.

We have had 5 years of evidence that what he meant by transforming the country was taking the country away from individual liberty and economic freedom to government dependency and to the welfare state and to do it with speed.

He has undertaken the first step of the grand project to grow government as fast as possible, lock people into dependency so there is an endless feedback loop for a permanent Democrat majority.

It is the reason they are working so hard to flip Texas from red to blue. If they succeed, by legalizing people here illegally among other tactics, it will literally be over. There will never be another Republican president.

As soon as Mr. Obama came into office, he attacked the four pillars of capitalism – industry, finance, healthcare, and energy. Attacking these undermines the US capitalism and it will follow, the consequent undermining of global capitalism.

Mr. Obama focused on healthcare after the distraction of the Stimulus when no one saw an immediate or urgent need to address healthcare. The reason he did it was because the history of any regime under the ideology of control dictates that the first thing to seize is the healthcare system. It is the crown jewel of the welfare state, the biggest lever to affect fundamental change. If they control your healthcare, they control you.

Unfortunately, there are real people and real consequences and real suffering. When Edie Sundby, the fourth stage cancer victim, wrote her op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about her cancelled policy, she said if she didn’t have the right care she would die but maybe that is the point.

Another story of a 20-year old man who continues to suffer from the effects of a particularly devastating form of cancer said much the same thing. He needs the right medicines and doctors or he will die. He will soon be forced onto Medicaid and will not get the care he needs.

The Obamacare navigator program is ACORN. The same corruption that has been part of ACORN is now part of the processing of Obamacare.

Mr. Obama doesn’t care about his own Democrats winning re-election. He is focused on the bigger prize. He would prefer to have a Democratic Congress to push through his statism, but he can always do it lawlessly. He doesn’t care about his own party.

He cares about salvaging Obamacare and the most massive wealth redistribution scheme in US history. This urgent transformation of healthcare was never needed: 77% liked their insurance and 80% liked their healthcare.

Ms. Crowley believes the coming apart of Obamacare is a controlled explosion leading us to single payer. She believes this was intended because he knew in 2010 when he told Eric Cantor that tens of millions could lose their health insurance.

The next step in his plan is to argue that we need to grow the people who are eligible for subsidies until we effectively have single payer.

Ms. Crowley said there are things we can do such as make the moral case for the free market, use emotions to make our case, use technology and social media to get the message across, and reach the millenials who are very disillusioned with Mr. Obama.


This video with Monica Crowley’s speech at the Restoration Weekend is worth the time: