Obama: Monitoring Social Media of Visa Applicants ‘Raises Questions About Our Values’


Obama speechObama has big things in store for us this year, but apparently protecting Americans in a reasonable manner isn’t one of them.

Barack Obama spoke about reviewing migrants’ social media accounts and said that there are legitimate concerns about privacy. It also “raises concerns about our values” according to him. Is he trying to get us killed?

His immigration honchos said they don’t look at social media when giving out visas so he talks about intelligence services:

“The issue of reviewing social media for those who are obtaining Visas I think may have gotten garbled a little bit. Because there may be — it’s important to distinguish between posts that are public, social media on a Facebook page, versus private communications through various social media or apps. And our law enforcement and intelligence professionals are constantly monitoring public posts and that is part of the Visa review process that people are investigating what individuals have said publicly and questioned about any statements that they may make.

Immigration hasn’t been looking at the public posts of visa applicants either by their own admission. Listen to how he draws equivalence between this and NSA spying. It’s about our “values”!

If it’s not posted publicly, then there’s going to be feasibility issues that are probably insurmountable at some level and it raises questions about our values. Keep in mind, it was only a couple of years ago where we were having a major debate about whether the government was becoming too much like big brother. And overall, I think we’ve struck the right balance in protecting civil liberties and making sure that U.S. Citizens’ privacy is preserved, that we are making sure that there’s oversight to what our intelligence agencies do, but we’re going to have to continue to balance our needs for security with people’s legitimate concerns about privacy.

And because the Internet is global and communications systems are global, the values that we apply here oftentimes are ones that, you know, folks who are trying to come into the country are also benefiting from because they’re using the same technologies.

But this is precisely why we’re working very hard to bring law enforcement, intelligence, and high tech companies together because we’re going to have to really review what we can do, both technically as well as consistent with our laws and values in order to try to discern more rapidly some of the potential threats that may be out there.”

I thought our values were to keep terrorists out in a reasonable way. Even in private communications on social media, there is no expectation of privacy and he knows that just as he knows this has nothing to do with “our values.”




He has a big last year planned. “I said at the beginning of this year that interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter, and we are only halfway through,” Obama said.

He thinks he’s made progress against ISIS though we all now know he didn’t. He lauds Obamacare, gun regulations, climate change regulations, and befriending the Castros who still torture their people and did nothing to deserve improved relations. He thinks the deal with Iran is something to crow about – it helps Iran race to the bomb with an infusion of $150 billion dollars and has not been signed by the Ayatollah. They have violated the so-called agreement twice with their intercontinental missile launches but he ignored it.

Yes, it should be quite a year.


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