Monster Illegal Alien Raped 7-Year Old Girl “Thousands of Times”


An illegal immigrant who returned to the country after being deported to Mexico is accused of raping a 7-year-old girl “thousands of times.”

Victor Francisco Michel-Lara, 32, of Cedar City, Utah was arrested Sunday and faces first-degree felony charges of rape of a child, according to his arrest report. He was also placed on an immigration detainer.

This monster Victor Francesco Michel-Lara said he accidentally raped her when they were rough-housing after a shower. The little girl said he raped her “thousands of times”.

“He stated that she moves around a lot with the lotion making his fingers slippery (and) they accidentally slipped into her vagina,” an investigator wrote in a police report, the Spectrum reported.

Am I the only who thinks that the death penalty is too good for this monster?