More Caving to Anti-White Racism at Iowa State University


Members of Leaders United for a Change (LUCHA) took over a student government meeting Wednesday while Provost Jonathan Wickert spoke to the Senate to claim they are victims of racism and exclusion.


They read from an open letter by LUCHA members that was published in The Daily [the school paper] on Tuesday and demanded responses from individual senators and the new President of Student Government Cole Staudt.

They began by verbally attacking people and complained that they pay the same tuition but don’t get the same treatment.

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Martino Harmon spoke from his chosen weak position and said he was glad they were at the meeting, but also saddened they had to be there and a lot of work still needs to be done.

The targets all capitulated.

The LUCHA Facebook page uses the commie fist quite a bit. It’s hard to know how much more obvious they could be about what they are.

Iowa State University issued a biting and sarcastic letter this week to the editor of the school’s student newspaper, Iowa State Daily. In the letter, the Latinos United for a Change (LUCHA) suggested white ISU students “head to the doctor” to be examined for white privilege.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a sickness spreading at Iowa State. So the next time you use your mandatory health insurance and head to the doctor, tell him or her if you are experiencing these little-known symptoms,” the letter begins.

The “symptoms” listed in the letter include:

  • You can get your hair cut wherever you want.
  • You can walk into the supermarket and find your favorite foods.
  • You can see yourself positively portrayed in the media.
  • You can speak your native tongue without getting looks or comments from other people.

“If you have symptoms like those described above, you may want to be checked for white privilege,” the letter continues. “White privilege is like a virus. Carriers are often unaware of their infection for decades while spreading their disease to everyone they come in contact with.”

The stated goal of the letter was to address “the institutionalized white supremacy” at ISU but it was really a manifesto of anti-white racism.

Their complaint was over two comments written by a student and a staff member:

One student wrote “it is not fair for institutions to give scholarships based on race or sexual orientation,” and another, written by a university employee, argued the university is “too politically correct,” and that “diversity is fought for in all areas except thought, creating a suffocating environment for those who want to think, question and test everything.”

This, according to the LUCHA leftists is “privilege reasoning”.

Their letter is meant to paint the students as white supremacists expressing racist ideas when it’s actually their considered and reasoned opinions.

LUCHA wrote with an incredible sense of entitlement that “white people have spent decades building wealth while many of our ancestors were blocked from buying property, owning homes and building businesses,” and minority students need race-based scholarships to makes amends for this.

“As a result, white families have double the wealth on average than families of color, meaning we often have less financial support from our families,” they wrote.

In an obvious effort to enforce PC language over free speech, they wrote this: They agree the First Amendment is something “we can all appreciate, but” it is “dangerous” to allow certain “hateful” and “wrong” opinions to circulate on ISU’s campus.

What was hateful and wrong about the student’s and employee’s opinions and why did the student leadership and administration immediately cave?

LUCHA said there is an “epidemic” that is white privilege, a problem so prevalent that it could never be adequately summarized in one letter:

White privilege is so ingrained in our society that there’s no way that we could cover this epidemic in one letter to the editor. But don’t be scared. While there is currently no way to cure white privilege, there are definitely ways to deal with the symptoms. Educate yourself. Don’t expect your minoritized friends to explain your privilege to you. Innoculate. Educate others. Be an ally. And rest assured that we are working hard to eradicate the disease here on campus.

The bigots of course are these LUCHA members while whites allow themselves to be cowed by their false claims. Remember that these people are leftists first, before they are minorities.

The feminists have won their battles by pretending they are for women and this is more of the same approach.

There is a LUCHA student organization at NYU which formed in 1971. They are much the same but they are more obvious about their intentions to inflict cultural Marxism on our society. One of their heroes is Ché Guevara, the Cuban mass killer.

This is from their Facebook page. It’s so nice of them to mention people have free speech but not if it disagrees with theirs.


  1. Grow the hell up people. I am SICK and tired of people Whining all the time. If you don’t like your surroundings, leave and go do something else. I am a middle aged white straight man, and very proud of it. I don’t put myself in black, Latino, Chinese, ect., places. I don’t go to black bars, neighborhoods, and any other places I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t move to the middle of China town and bitch because there is no American food. Wake the FUCK up people. You have the power to go make yourself happy without forcing your agenda down everyone’s throat.

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