More Good News! Josh Ernest Agrees That the Taliban Aren’t Terrorists


Josh Ernest doubled down on the statements made by Eric Schultz yesterday claiming the Taliban are not terrorists but an armed insurgency.

Thursday Josh Ernest said we have to draw a distinction between terrorists like al Qaeda and the Taliban. We can sanction the Taliban while al Qaeda is global. The Taliban are a very dangerous organization, he said. They have resorted to terror tactics but they’ve limited themselves primarily to Afghanistan.

When he says they have “resorted” to terror tactics, one’s eyes have to roll behind one’s head. That’s all they resort to but the administration still thinks they can negotiate with them. Besides, the wars are over and al Qaeda has cut and run.

They aren’t going to call them terrorists if they can avoid it.

Tragically and ironically, at 8:41 this morning, a suicide bomber struck a funeral in Afghanistan and killed 16 and wounded 39. They were victims of the Taliban before and this attack was likely orchestrated by the Taliban though no one has taken credit yet.

The Taliban has waged a series of attacks across Afghanistan, killing at least 17 Thursday morning alone.  They have been targeting the police and have incurred heavy civilian casualties according to the AP.

They’re not terrorists though because we can sanction them and they are restricted to Afghanistan. I believe that’s what I heard Josh Ernest say but you listen to the video and decide for yourself.

It’s not that difficult to understand. They are all terrorists. The Taliban were the reason we went to war in Afghanistan. A ” terrorist” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.” I’m going with Merriam-Webster on this one, the White House is too deep for me.