More Government Waste – They Want to Invest Your Money in Diapers

Investing in Diapers, Your Government at Work

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.) wants to push through The Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act (DIAPER Act) to “relieve some of the stress on families facing hardship in this economy” by providing this direct service, DeLauro said in a letter to congressional colleagues urging them to co-sponsor her bill.

We’re “investing” in diapers now?

Why stop at diapers? Let’s move on to baby wipes, car seats, cribs, toothpaste, et al. Why stop there. What about TV sets, Blackberrys, cars…oops, I forgot, we already do that.

Is there anything we won’t give away? So what we’re broke, we can just borrow more from the Chinese Communists. Certainly, we should not expect anyone to assume personal responsibility. Free diapers for all.