More On the OMG Budget From Hell



On this site, I have some articles dealing with specifics of the crazy budget from Hell that saddles us with another $1.3 trillion in deficit spending. However this National Post article I’m linking to gives a broad view.

The budget was never meant to pass. It was meant to become a campaign weapon. Are you okay with that? How about the fact that our administration is breaking the law by not putting a budget up for more than a 1000 days? Anyone wonder what Reid does for a living?

Remember when we needed all the spending because we were near depression levels? Now we need it because America Is Back!

It raises Medicare costs on the top 25% of the wealthiest retired people even if they are ancient and paid a fortune into the system.

It guts defense at a time when we are in the most danger we have ever been in. It pays for infrastructure which is being outsourced to China all over the dang place.

It brings back the Clinton tax hikes (Bush tax cuts) and raises payroll taxes on capitol gains that should be a guaranteed job killer.

Oh, and you know all about that much-hyped Mars expedition. We won’t have enough to make it to the Moon with the NASA budget.

There are some nice payoffs to Obama buddies.

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