More Outrageous Corruption & Scandals at the IRS


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Outrageously, another IRS official, Greg Roseman, took the Fifth before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. Greg Roseman will not tell the public what he knows about corrupt practices at the IRS though he had a role in controlling waste and fraud and there is a good reason for that. He is a friend of one of the shady characters he steered lucrative contracts towards.

Roseman, the deputy director of Enterprise Networks and Tier Systmes Support at the IRS, wouldn’t even tell the House committee to whom he reported in the IRS or even if he was still working for the IRS!

Roseman would not answer any questions about StrongCastle Inc. which is owned and operated by Barulio Castillo, Roseman’s friend, and which is under investigation by the same committee.

As President and CEO of StrongCastle Inc., Braulio Castillo, received $500 million from IRS contracts partly because he used the ruse that he was a wounded war veteran. He also deliberately located his company in a government-designated “hubzone” to make his company more viable.

The worst part of this is that the war “wounds” Castillo claimed were the result of a minor military prep school injury. Castillo couldn’t even remember exactly how he got the injury. He said he broke his ankle, but X-Rays from the time do not show a break. Castillo receives disability for his faked war injury at a 30% rate of disability.

Tammy Duckworth, the congresswoman who is actually a severely wounded war veteran, grilled him. Tammy Duckworth is still in danger of losing her arm from her service to this country and receives disability at a 20% rate for her arm.

Castillo claimed his foot hurt him as Duckworth was about to interview him.

Duckworth responded:

“My feet hurt, too,” she said after Castillo described the pain in his left foot. “In fact the balls of my feet burn continuously and I feel like there is a nail being hammered into my right heel right now. So I can understand pain and suffering and how severed connection can actually cause long term, unremitting, unyielding, unstoppable pain. So I’m sorry that twisting your ankle in high school has now come back to hurt you in such a painful way, if also opportune for you to gain this status for your business as you were trying to compete for contracts.”

Duckworth read from a letter Castillo sent to a government official in which he described the “crosses that I bear in my service to our great country,” and then, visibly angry, clearly stated the case against Castillo:

“I’m so glad that you would be willing to play football in prep school again to protect this great country,” she said. “Shame on you, Mr. Castillo, shame on you. You may not have broken any laws…but you certainly broke the trust of this great nation. You broke the trust of veterans. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans right now are waiting an average of 237 days for an initial disability rating. It is because people like you who are gaming the system are adding to that backlog that young men and women who are suffering from post-traumatic stress, who are missing limbs cannot get the compensation and the help that they need.”

“You, who never picked up a weapon in defense of this great nation, very cynically took advantage of the system,” she continued. “You broke the faith with this nation, you broke the faith with the men and women who lie in hospitals right now ….and if this nation stops funding veterans’ health care and stops and calls into question why veterans deserve their benefits, it’s because cases like you have poisoned the public’s opinion on these programs.”

video of Tammy Duckworth shaming Braulio Castillo:


There is so much more to come on the IRS. On Wednesday, a decadent $2.4 million dollar IRS conference was exposed by The Hill. The IRS spent $800,000 taxpayer dollars a day on an open bar, Olympic costumes which the IRS employees paraded around in, an awards dinner at the Georgia Aquarium catered by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, and so much more obviously.

Gateway Pundit summarized the  groups who have so far been targeted by the IRS: almost 500 conservative groups, 5 pro-Israel groups, Constitutional groups, two pro-life groups, groups critical of the Obama administration, a Texas voting-rights group, and Conservative activists and businesses.

Shall we blow up the IRS entirely and start over with a flat tax or should we do a serious cleaning out and cutting down?