More Than 1200 People Missing in Colorado While Mr. Obama Golfs



A strip of road washed away is now a common sight as is Mr. Obama golfing during catastrophes.

Coloradan Chris Kuehn contributed to this story.

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In what is being described as the 1,000-year flood, nineteen-thousand homes have been destroyed in Colorado. Businesses, roads, bridges are all gone. Of the people who lived in these areas, more than 1200 of them are still unaccounted for at this time. Mr. Obama is noticeably absent during all this, but he did manage to golf this past weekend at Andrews Air Force base.

Entire towns are wiped away or unreachable except by plane.

Two days ago, rescue teams pulled out more people than in Katrina, and they are still working 24/7.

Flooding is expected again this evening in some areas. It is not over.

Many people are stranded in their homes because the roads and bridges are gone. Hundreds of miles of railroad track were wiped out. The communities, which center around farming and ranching, are relatively new and not long-established which means their necessities are brought to them by rail or truck.

Four Colorado counties — Adams, Boulder, Larimer and Weld — have been affected and tagged for disaster relief. The government wants the people who are stranded without food, water and fuel to fill out applications for assistance as soon as possible according to the Denver Post. That is what you can expect from big government.

Helicopters were grounded for days because of the heavy rains. The areas flooded out are considered the high desert. They never get rain. They get their water from snow runoff and rely on irrigation. That’s the ONLY way they get their water.

Only one highway is SAFELY OPEN from just north of Denver to the Wyoming border and NONE in the northeast, east-west, to the Kansas border.

Isolated towns have received no water, no fuel, no help other than the National Guard.

Remarkably, President Obama, other than signing the Disaster Relief bill, has not spoken about the Coloradans nor has he made plans to go to Colorado insofar as we know.

Not unexpectedly, Senator Reid blamed the Colorado flooding on climate change and ripped into the House GOP as if the government could somehow stop Mother Nature and her 1,000-year storm. His political goals are more important than the people of Colorado.

The environmentalists are not letting a good crisis go to waste either and are using this epic tragedy as an opportunity to rage about the damaged wells and the storage tanks in the river. The wells and tanks have existed for fifty years but the people complaining live in the city and have no clue. They also seem to not recognize that they need fossil fuels for their own energy.

One telling story concerns Senator Udall who went on a rescue flight. Congressman Gardner pointed out some people waving at them as they flew overhead.

“That’s nice of them,”  said Udall.

Gardner then pointed out the obvious to Udall that the people waving were flagging them down for RESCUE!

The copter then went on to rescue six people while balancing on the edge of a cliff.

The Colorado Red Cross is taking the lead in rescue efforts in Colorado. If you would like to help, please click this linkThey need your help.

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09/18: The media is reporting that cleanup and rescue are going well, but people who live in the area are saying something quite different. The people doing the work are the people who live in the area, not the federal government.

There are hundreds of people missing and the rescue crews have switched the mission from rescue to recovery. Governor Hickenlooper said that he will need half a billion dollars to restore the areas.

President Obama is noticeably absent unlike President Bush during Katrina but you won’t hear that in the media.


9/19: The police have updated the numbers. He has dramatically reduced the number missing to 200. Many people are hold up in their homes and won’t leave with the waters receding. Hopefully, all these people will be found alive.