More Votes Were Recorded in Detroit Than There Are Voters


Jill Stein’s recount turned up a problem in Democrat districts – not what she hoped for.

Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have.

Election officials in Michigan found that 37% of precincts in Detroit tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books.

Hillary Clinton won Wayne County over Donald Trump 67% to 30%.

State officials are planning to examine about 20 Detroit precincts where ballot discrepancies occurred.

Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have during last month’s presidential election, according to Wayne County records prepared at the request of the Detroit News.

Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books.

The Detroit precincts are among those that couldn’t be counted during a statewide presidential recount that began last week and ended Friday following a decision by the Michigan Supreme Court. They couldn’t be recounted because of state law that bars recounts for unbalanced precincts or ones with broken seals.

Flint had a similar problem.

This is what we reported on December 7th when the problem became apparent.

Michigan’s largest county voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but officials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month, according to the Detroit News.

Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.

According to state law, precincts whose poll books don’t match with ballots can’t be recounted. If that happens, original election results stand.

The Guardian reported Tuesday that, “Eighty-seven of Wayne County’s decade-old voting machines broke on election day, according to Detroit’s elections director, Daniel Baxter. He told the Detroit News, which first reported the story, that ballot scanners often jammed when polling place workers were trying to operate them. Every time a jammed ballot was removed and reinserted, he suspects the machine may have re-counted it.”

The whole city is broken down, why should the machines be any different?

In areas where an overwhelming number of people voted for Hillary Clinton, their votes may have been counted twice.

Daniel Baxter, elections director for the city of Detroit, said it’s unlikely all 392 of the city’s precincts with mismatched numbers will be disqualified from a recount. The city is in contact with elections officials at the state of Michigan and Baxter predicted the numbers will match when the ballot boxes are re-opened.

“It’s a challenge, but we’re confident the ballots will match,” Baxter said. “I don’t think it’s going to be 100 percent, but it never is with a recount.”

They will now face a state audit and we will hopefully find out if there was fraud. In any case,there are probably some popular votes for Hillary we can deduct from the total.

We are adding this video after publication because this is what we think.


  1. More votes than voters can be due to all the illegal voters Obama rallied to the polls. Check into the Muslim votes.

  2. Voter fraud in democrat Districts? How Absurd! Democrats could never cheat or lie. Benghazi was about a video. Hillary survived sniper fire in Bosnia. Hillary turned over all of her emails. How dare anyone to infer anything different that the Democratic TRUTH!? So there!

  3. Tell that to New York Times.

    They will tell you that there is no voter fraud.

    And they are the REAL News guys!

  4. LIBERALS… You party and the MEDIA Forced a BAD candidate down Americas throat… LIED about everything… TOLD you there was NO WAY she could lose… THEN SHE DID… Those same people told you that Electorate would NOT vote for Trump and that the RECOUNTS would prove them right… THEY DID NOT…
    How much more are your foolishly going to take before you realize that the REPUBLICANS ARE NOT THE ONES LYING TO YOU?

  5. OK, John L. Battey, I went to the website you posted and read about the “fraction” factor and Istill do not know how or why that makes a difference or how it could be “hacked.” It all sounded like a bunch of “gobbledygook” to me! It didn’t make any sense to assign percentages to votes – WHY? For what purpose? Why not simply count the vote as a vote? I’ve never heard of that practice before.

  6. Something should be done long ago….not now.
    All states need voter ID.
    Now, all we see I’d Democrats throwing a fit because they lost.
    They did the same thing with the last Republucan president…it took Bush 4 months to get in office.
    Americans have spoken and their will be war in America if their vote is taken away.

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