Mother Jones, the Other Attack Watch, Demonizes Romney Supporters


Mother Jones, the Soros-Funded Propaganda “Newspaper,” posted the names of people at the Romney fundraiser in which Romney spoke against the idea of 47% of Americans not paying federal income taxes and believing they are entitled to live on the dole.

In addition to the aforementioned enemy’s list article, Mother Jones posted an article in which the faux newspaper attempts to destroy the reputation of a hedge fund manager named Marc Leder. The 47% party was held at Mr. Leder’s home.

Their article begins by verbally assaulting his financial operation with twisted allegations and it ends by detailing his alleged sex parties.

As I read the story I thought I was reading about Bill Clinton but then I remembered Bill likes cigar sex parties.

Most people are familiar with the Obama campaign site called AttackWatch but they might not realize Mother Jones is another Obama campaign site, they just don’t admit it.

Obama is the man who ran as an “outsider” but he is actually the consummate politician and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Romney wasn’t talking about the unemployed who can’t pay taxes. He meant the people who live off welfare or who retired with an illicit disability retirement from the Long Island Railroad – he won’t get their votes.

Mitt Romney discussing the 47% interview:

Mitt Romney could be right on in any case. Check out the Gallup poll:

Hat tip to Tater Salad and Weasel Zippers for the chart