Mother Jones Picks 11 Candidates for 2020


The eleven future Democrat candidates picked by a George Soros publication could make your skin crawl. Number one on the list is banshee Elizabeth Warren.

George Soros-funded Mother Jones has picked eleven presidential candidates they believe will beat Trump in 2020. The first on their list, unsurprisingly, is the aging, anti-Capitalist Elizabeth Warren.

The online publication finds her impressive for her ability to grab headlines, attack Wall Street, pursue Trump like a hellion, and her progressive ideology.

She thinks it’s crazy that people over 50 have to pay back their student loans when they are not successful. We should all pay for them.

Tim Kaine

Next up is Marxist, Tim Kaine who will make a superb candidate according to Mother Jones because of his popularity in Virginia and his Progressive background. Plus he’s never lost a race.

If you will remember, Kaine was able to draw crowds in the single digits to his rallies and was caught in outright lies almost as much as Hillary.

He’s also a bad Catholic and a good Marxist.

While in Honduras Tim Kaine embraced the radical interpretation of the gospel, liberation theology. That version of theology at the time was full-blown communism and is believed to have originated with the Soviets.

Amy Klobucher

Third is a name you probably haven’t heard — Amy Klobuchar. The Minnesota senator has sky-high approval ratings in the left-wing state and the publication thinks she is a great candidate. That’s the state that elected Al Franken, a vile leftist comedian.

Kirsten Gillibrand

They couldn’t leave out New York. Kirsten Gillibrand, senator from New York is next up. They didn’t comment on her successes, which are well-hidden from us New Yorkers, but we do know that Harry Reid thinks she’s the “hottest” member of Congress. He should have added the most easily manipulated.

Kamala Harris, the second Barack

California’s leftist attorney general, Kamala Harris, is their fifth choice for presidential candidate. The fake news newspaper Washington Post thinks she might be the next Barack Obama. Harris is planning to hide the illegal alien gang database from Trump so California can protect their illegal alien gang members.

Tammy Duckworth

Leftist Tammy Duckworth served her country and lost both legs and she’s Asian-American so of course she’s high on Soros’s list, coming in sixth.

Cory T Booker, former Mayor of Newark

New Jersey’s Cory Booker is their seventh candidate because he once saved a woman in a burning building. However, Newark made no progress whatsoever while he was mayor and he has no political accomplishments except to say he’s a Progressive. The New York Times found Newark still sucks after Cory Booker.

Martin O’Malley

Martin O’Malley is eighth and Mother Jones thinks he’s viable because he’s allegedly technocratically competent. He couldn’t beat Bernie Sanders and says the stupidest things during debates. He doesn’t think all lives matter, just black lives. As a candidate, he is truly a joke and we vote for him.

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is their number nine candidate. The Connecticut senator is horrible but not to Mother Jones. They say he is best known for his outspoken gun control advocacy in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre in his state. In June, he received substantial media attention when he spearheaded a 15-hour filibuster in support of firearms legislation.

Which is exactly why he’s awful.

Hickenlooper drinking polluted water from the Animus River.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper made it as number ten. He’s popular in a swing state. That’s his claim to fame.

Hopefully, they will pick him because he runs a lousy campaign.

Former Barack Obama adviser David Axelrod recently declared that he “would bet everything” he owns that Michelle Obama won’t run for office, but that’s who came in as number eleven. They would love her to be the candidate. God help us if she runs.

Michelle Obama


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    He’s a good Marxist? My condolences to the Kaine family at this time of loss..

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