Mother of Boy who Fell into the Gorilla Enclosure Has a Job That Stirs Up More Rage



When Michelle Gregg’s three-year old child slipped away, darted over a rail and under a fence to go play with the gorilla, he fell part of the way into the gorilla’s enclosure. Harambe grabbed the child and dragged him down to the water. At times, it looked like Harambe was guarding him like a child with a new toy and, at other times, he dragged the child wildly through the water by his foot. The zoo officials were forced to shoot Harambe, which was most unfortunate.

Mrs. Gregg has received death threats and scores of vicious attacks online with new Facebook pages cropping up each day on animal abuse.

Mrs. Gregg became distracted for seconds when her daughter started to cry because the little girl didn’t want to leave the zoo. It only takes seconds for a child that age to disappear. Any parent knows that.

The mother of four works as a Daycare Administrator in Little Blossoms Academy, a Cincinnati preschool. When the bashers found out, they attacked the Academy. The Academy hasn’t fired Mrs. Gregg and they have deleted the offending comments.

Mrs. Gregg’s family released a statement through a PR firm:

“We are so thankful to the Lord that our child is safe. He is home and doing just fine. We extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the Cincinnati Zoo staff,” the statement from Gail Myers Public Relations said. “We know that this was a very difficult decision for them, and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. We hope that you will respect our privacy at this time.”

The father of the boy Deonne Dickerson has a prison record but has been trying to turn his life around. Another of his sons says he is a good father.

The people who are attacking do not have the details, can’t possibly know what happened, and yet some want to kill them, imprison them and get the mother fired.

It is also interesting to note that this story got 54 times more attention than the next story.

15-year old killed

A 15-year old boy is dead in Chicago along with five others, one a 16-year old, and another sixty-three are wounded and suffering. It’s like Afghanistan there but most people don’t seem to care, certainly not as much as they care about Harambe. Black Lives Matter was going to make a big deal over Harambe, calling it a case of white supremacy but pulled back when they realized the family was black.

A woman who knows Mrs. Gregg said she is a “good woman” and “caring”.

The authorities are investigating. Isn’t that enough?

The mother of one of the father’s other sons wrote this on Facebook:

comments about Mrs. Gregg

Last year, people tried to destroy a dentist who killed a lion on a hunting expedition. The dentist’s life was going along fine, he went on a sports expedition, and then these people who want to have a say about other’s lives tried to ruin his life.

What should we glean from these reactions? A gorilla’s life is more important than a three-year old’s and a 15-year old’s?

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.


  1. Nothing really changes. Mankind is forever doing such stuff.

    It’s challenging to become a child of God. Casting stones is a tough way to go and do. One must have wisdom before tossing them.

  2. The events of the boy who WENT INTO the enclosure, did not fall accidentally, are on video. Yes we know what happened! Witnesses heard and saw what happened! She needs to take responsibility and not make excuses. Put your kids on a leash. Lots of people do that.

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