Movement to Seize Wealth in the USA

Ukrainian Communist Party Billboard: You Don’t Have to Know the Language to Know What This Billboard Says About the Wealth Tax

We have the global tax, the VAT tax, the hidden taxes, taxation without representation, and now we have the wealth tax looming on the horizon. How very commie we are becoming.

President Obama makes King George look like a tax wuss.

Wiki defines a wealth tax as “a levy based on the aggregate value of all household assets, including owner-occupied housing; cash, bank deposits, money funds, and savings in insurance and pension plans; investment in real estate and unincorporated businesses; and corporate stock, financial securities, and personal trusts.”

The idea behind it is the nuovo communism of reducing inequality and establishing social justice. To me social justice is having equal opportunity, but today it is defined as equal outcomes no matter what you do or do not do to earn the outcome.

When I first began teaching, I proceeded with my Columbia U. training. I formed student groups in each class – no more standing in front of the class and teaching everyone. It was a good idea in many ways, and in many ways, it was not.

The groups often included four students, preferably two average students, one weak student and one super student so that the end product would be fair and all four children would learn from one another.

The weak student generally learned little and there was always at least one, sometimes three lazy students, with the smart/industrious student having to do all the work, sometimes with one other student. The industrious student would then gripe about having done all the work and having been pulled down by the lazy and the weak students in the group.

It was the same concept as the wealth tax but it was a fine levied against the industrious child.

It was supposed to teach cooperation but it taught a lot more than that.

Listen to the shootout between Bill O’Reilly and Professor Lamont Hill on the wealth tax:

The New York Times, quoting scholars of course, believes wealth inequality is growing and it is threatening our very economy. That may be true, however the inequality is being caused by the very taxes the government levies and the NY Times adores. The entitlements we dish out plays no small role as well.

The Times has found numerous economists who love the idea of a wealth tax. If you say this is the beginning of communism, they will say it is hate speech. That is how they shut down the opposition. Who wants to be called hateful?

The wealth tax is unconstitutional but no one seems to care about the Constitution any longer.

One big problem with the wealth tax is the tax money doesn’t go to the people unless they are looking for handouts [some deserve them of course]. It rewards the inactivity of non-producers and it stifles the productivity of the producers. It does make the government and the large corporations wealthier.

I’m not wealthy and never will be but I want the producers to continue bettering our economy. The very people and corporations who should be taxed, like Warren Buffet and GE, are flourishing under Obama from the deals they make with him.

Instead of worrying about the wealth tax, they should worry about no federal taxes being levied on half the nation and extremely wealthy corporations. Everyone should pay something and have a stake in what the government does to us.

We need more Judge Judys:

The money from the wealth tax will make the corrupticians in corporations and government wealthier and will entitle more of our people. We are a nation that enslaved black people, a horrible historical fact. Now we enslave everyone who wants to live off others, a horrible present-day reality.

Slavery has no equal in our history. It was an evil abomination. However, enslaving people to the government has the same potential, we just have trouble seeing it right now.

Entitlements, when used for those who could pay their way, are a new kind of slavery. It’s the relinquishment of freedom for freebies and that is no small matter.