Mr. Zeldin Goes To Washington


America is back! The American people chose to fight for the Republic last night.

An especially wonderful victory for Long Islanders was the race in CD-1 in Suffolk County, Long Island. State Senator Lee Zeldin trounced his opponent, six-term incumbent Tim Bishop, by 55% to 45%.

Lee Zeldin opened his victory speech Tuesday night with the words, Victory is Sweet!

His next words were to credit everyone who helped him win.

He wants to help fix America.

Congressman-elect Zeldin hopes to join other Republicans in putting checks and balances on Washington. Those bills Harry Reid wouldn’t pass are going on Barack Obama’s desk, he assured the cheering crowds last night.

Listen to his speech (Notice how he doesn’t use a teleprompter):

People might wonder where the Long Island tea party went. They went to the streets and joined forces with the Republicans, the Conservatives, and the Libertarians who helped bring Lee Zeldin to victory.

We do so much better when we all work together for a great candidate but we need great candidates if we hope to bring everyone together.

Lee Zeldin is going to Washington to change Washington, not like the change we saw under Barack Obama. He is a man of the people and never forgets where he came from.

He will be the only Jewish Republican congressman.

Yesterday, he had a packed schedule but at 2:00 pm he made certain he met with Rabbi Motti Grossbaum to pray. Those prayers worked!

God is with this soon-to-be congressman from Long Island.

It was ironic when his opponent Tim Bishop attempted to cast him as fighting a war on women. You can see his beautiful wife and twin daughters in the video, but you should know he voted for bills to guarantee equal pay for equal work for women.

He is an independent thinker.

It was a long, tough battle to unseat the incumbent but thanks to our great candidate, we did it.

Senator Zeldin, who is also a Major in the Reserves, is going to Washington for Long Island and for the country. I can’t think of a better man to represent us.

God speed!