MSM Bombarded Trapped Student Asking to Use His Tweets

Nikolas Cruz deranged killer

As a killer ran loose in Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School, students trapped inside the school were sending images, video and live tweets. The death toll reached 17 and 15 or 16 others lay wounded. As the rampage continued, the MSM bombarded one of the trapped students with requests to use his pictures.

The information about the killing spree came primarily from the students themselves. One student named Aidan drew a lot of attention. Reporters then asked this trapped student if they could use his tweets. That prompted a sports reporter to comment on the “weird world we live in where kids trapped in an active shooter situation are bombarded with tweets from news media asking for permission to use their pictures.”

Is it weird or did they cross the line? It is appropriate for police to do, but media? The media today promotes a “weird’ culture.

The usual fake tweets abounded, including the usual one about Sam Hyde being the killer. He pops up whenever there is a mass shooting.


Our society is sick and, while the media and politicians are demanding more gun control, they refuse to focus on the core problem. The killer, Nikolas Cruz, was investigating the making of bombs and, if he didn’t’ have a gun, he would have planted bombs. That’s not to say he should have been allowed to have guns.

People are rightfully concerned about the number of these killings, but there is never an attempt get to the root of the problem.

He gave off many warnings but there is inadequate help for someone as disturbed as he is. His mother was reduced to calling police into her home to read him the riot act when what he needed was serious psychiatric care. He needed to be institutionalized. There is no place for a person like him until it’s too late.

That is what is most alarming in the aftermath.


  1. Immediately after the Presidential address a reporter, sounded like Acosta, made this remark.

    “Why does this keep happening to America. Will you do something about guns.”

    This low-life jerk should be escorted OFF any White House property and have all privileges revoked. If all he can do is yell out snide remarks he has disqualified himself as a “reporter”. He’s nothing but an antagonist.

  2. I believe some, maybe most, of these juvenile murderers have an affinity for “public recognition” which can be traced to the widespread use of social media and the particular desire of creating “selfies”. For some reason this younger generation is obsessed with “look at me”.

    This then begs the question; how is media fulfilling the desires of these perpetrators in their coverage. As was just said on Fox, “Please stay tuned to Fox News Channel, and this Fox Station for continuing coverage of this story, I’m John Scott in New York”.

    It is one thing to cover the Presidential address and the News conferences of those involved but the vast vast majority of coverage is nothing but opinions with NO REAL relevance to the situation. People like Nikolas Cruz are hosted on the world stage and the obsession of “look at me” is amplified a million fold. Of course we all know it is about nothing more than “ratings”. Notice during this tragedy and all the coverage there are STILL the usual commercial breaks. What the public should DEMAND is an account by those advertisers and ACCUSE them of “profiting” OFF this tragedy.

  3. It’s being reported that Cruz is “sad” and “remorseful”. Who Cares about Him! This is another question by reporters that is disgusting, “Are you sorry for what you did”. And THEN when the person is not they are outraged, seemingly More outraged than the act itself. We saw that exact situation play out recently.

  4. Another stupid remark made by the media, and even in Corporate America. “We need to find a solution so this Never Happens Again”. Really? We are going to prevent any act or situation so that it Never Happens Again. This is as ignorant as those who would strive for Utopia. Since the “Goal” is Never Happen Again the methods of prevention have to, “Attain” that goal. How is it even possible that “Never” will be achieved. It IS possible to work in achieving some prevention without resorting to a fantasy reality. Declaring Never is to live in a fantasy world.

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