MSM Censures “Freedom of Religion Lawsuits” As Part of The Re-Elect Obama Campaign


The Catholic church filed 12 lawsuits in 43 jurisdictions, with more to follow, in their fight for religious freedom. It is the single largest religious lawsuit ever filed in the United States against an administration but it has brought little lamestream media coverage.

The minimal coverage generally includes ridicule and straw men arguments. That is how this is going to be reported.

ABC and NBC ignored the story. CBS had a 19 second story which they distorted by calling it a story about contraception.

In Chicago, the TV coverage balanced the 19 second spot on the lawsuits with a 5-minute story about child molestation in the Catholic church. That is the liberal version of fair and balanced.

So, in other words, it is correct to deprive churches of freedom of religion because there was a scandal in the Catholic church.[By the way, the media almost completely ignored molestation cases that were dropped or cases in which people were found innocent at trial – it’s the lamestream style when it comes to something they disagree with.]

MSNBC aired the clip below in which the commentators blatantly lied. They ridiculed the Catholics and then set up straw men to provide a diversion from the truth. They could be idiots but I doubt it so I’m going with lying as the basis for the deception.

The panel cackled about Catholic women wanting contraceptives, completely missing the point. They deliberately left out that the mandate includes abotifacients & surgical sterilizations. They omitted any mention of the “for free” component. Most significantly of course, they left out the part about it being a violation of the church teachings.

The Orwellian panel thinks that depriving Catholics, Evangelicals, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews of the right to exercise their religious conscience somehow imposes their will on others’ religious freedom. The Catholics are NOT saying others can’t have free contraceptives, they are saying they won’t provide them.

If the government can demand that a church violate their conscience, what can’t they do? You know abortion will soon follow. The only abortions anyone should have to subsidize are abortions for the indigent whose mental and/or physical well-being is in danger. Middle-class welfare in the form of abortions and contraceptives is not what we should be paying for regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

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When the lamestream does cover these suits, if they cover them, they will demonize the Catholic church or lie about the basis for the suits. They will eventually infuriate a lot of apathetic people.

Media Research Center reported the following reactions from prominent Cathoics –

“Beginning with the 367,000 people who protested Notre Dame’s 2009 honoring of President Obama, Catholics across America have united to oppose unconstitutional threats to their rights of conscience and religious freedom. Now in an unprecedented move, the US Catholic Conference of Bishops, along with over 40 other catholic institutions, has sued the Obama administration. And rather than covering what is perhaps the most significant lawsuit in the history of the US Catholic Church, the media have deliberately chosen to ignore the story outright. It is shameful and yet another example of why Americans are increasingly getting their news elsewhere.”

Patrick Reilly
President, Cardinal Newman Society

“The suit by the Catholic Bishops, and other catholic institutions, against the Obama administration is a courageous and bold move in defending the religious freedom of all citizens; especially women and the unborn. As members of religious institutions and leaders in business, women must not be coerced to pay for insurance policies which violate their most deeply held religious convictions when it comes to the rights of the unborn. As a result of not covering this lawsuit against the Administration, the media are deliberately choosing to side with the administration’s attack on religious liberty.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, SBA List

“Any national media outlet that fails to report the obvious raping of our First Amendment rights by this Health and Human Service mandate, is trumpeting either woeful incompetence or shameless bias. The Catholic Church didn’t pick this fight, but it knew that if it didn’t fight back now, every religion would eventually lose, and America would be fundamentally redefined.”

Father Jonathan Morris
Fox News Analyst
Program Director, The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM radio

“Catholics are united like never before in defending our religious liberty. Unfortunately, the media are silencing our voices through their lack of coverage. They are deliberately choosing to ignore what is perhaps the most significant lawsuit ever filed by the Catholic Church in the history of this country.”

Matt Smith
President, Catholic Advocate

“The elite media may attempt to ignore what is about to happen in our nation regarding religious freedom, but believers of all religious traditions, and even non-believers who are fair minded, are about to retrieve America’s rich and firm tradition of religious liberty, sending intolerant secularists into retreat. It’s about time.”

Fr. Robert Sirico
President, Acton Institute
Author of “In Defense of the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy

“The Obama Administration’s assault on religious liberty has united the Catholic Church in a way no one thought possible. Among those suing the Obama Administration Monday are some of the most prestigious Catholic institutions in America, with many more expected to follow. These organizations are united in their demand that the government end its unprecedented assault on a once cherished core constitutional principle. This issue and these lawsuits are historic. The media blackout on these lawsuits confirm the shameful prejudice that is growing against the Catholic Church in America.”

Brian Burch

“Religious liberty is a right we hold dear as Americans–and recent attacks on that right by the Obama Administration threaten not only Catholics, but everyone. For the sake of religious liberty, and for the lives of pre-born children, we support the courageous decision of 43 Catholic institutions to sue the current administration for the HHS mandate that would force them to purchase healthcare plans with contraceptives and abortifacients. Many of the major media outlets shocking non-coverage of such a historic news development is a wake up call to Americans to seek newsgroups that will not allow extreme pro-Obama bias to control their reporting.”

Lila Rose
President, Live Action

“The lawsuits by the University of Notre Dame and a broad range of other Catholic institutions against the Obama Administration are a major development in the important battle over religious freedom. They should be big news.”

Ed Whelan
Ethics and Public Policy Center

“On May 22, the New York Times did not run a front-page story on the 43 Catholic dioceses and institutions suing the Obama administration for violating the First Amendment; instead, a 459 word story was printed on p. 17. On the front page was a 4611 word piece slamming private Catholic and Protestant schools that qualified for a publicly funded scholarship program. And they have the audacity to ask for evidence of bias?”

Bill Donohue
The Catholic League