MSNBC Hacks Say Fake Black NAACP Pres. Might Actually Be Black


after n before

Rachel Dolezal after and before she became black.

The following article is not satire but we are mocking MSNBC.

If you “feel” black, you might just be black. Let’s take the case of fake black NAACP president Rachel Dolezal. She might actually be black! She could be…wait for it…transracial. If you listen to MSNBC, it’s possible to achieve blackness without having the parentage. I mean, why not? There are 56 genders now so why can’t we have 56 cis and trans races? THANK GOD we got rid of that overly-simplistic two gender thingy. It’s time to bite the bullet and go for cross racial rights. Species are next!

The MSNBC crazy people got together on TV no less and decided fake black person Dolezal might actually be black and not the lying fraud she appears to be.

HARRIS-PERRY: “I want to ask this question as clearly as I can. Is it possible that maybe not Rachel — again, I don’t know what her whole story is. We will see more of that.”

HOBBS: “We don’t know.”

HARRIS-PERRY: “Is it possible that she might actually be black? The best way that I know to describe this, I want to be very careful here. Because I don’t want to say it’s equivalent to the transgender experience. But there’s a useful language in trans assist which is to say some of U transgendered, but is there a different category of blackness that is about the achievement of blackness despite one’s parentage?”

HOBBS: “That’s absolutely possible. Why not? I think one thing she said that I found so fascinating, she said her identity is multi layered, and that her identity is very complicated. She didn’t expect for people to understand it easily. And I think what she’s eluding to is this sort of perhaps — again, we don’t know that much about the story. We need to hear more from her, more of her personal story. But there certainly is a chance that — that she identifies as a black woman, and that that there could be authenticity to that.”

“Is it possible that she might actually be black?” Harris-Perry asks. NO crazy woman, she’s a blond white woman with white European parents who is lying, put the bong down.

Now Rush, as always, was first out of the gate on this one. A 38-year old Dittohead called in to his show and announced he felt black. Rush was very kind and receptive.

People are really, really receptive to this and have expressed their feelings on Grabien. Here are some of their more sensitive comments, names deleted.

I have been struggling to hide my true identity. Now that all of these brave souls are emerging and claiming they are women instead of men, black instead if white ..I can finally shout out to the world : I am a unicorn !
Boy that was a relief. Now I will wait for VF and Diane Sawyer to call


Ok if we are all going to come out I am a firetruck. I feel free I don’t give a truck!


I am a Nazi trapped in a NAACP- chapter president’s body and I am black but my parents are Asian.


Hallelujah, brother! You have inspired me to tell the world that I am a hispanic lesbian trapped in a white man’s body


And, I’m free admit that identify as a gynecologist!! Ladies…!


I think Bill Clinton broke the ground here, after all he was as far as I know the first white black man.


I decided to be “black also”! Guess what the 1st Thing I bought! That’s Right!original


  1. I’m suddenly feeling a trans-billionaire mojo. I impatiently await the arrival of my private jet, John Kerry like yacht, and invite to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser!

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