MSNBC: Multiple Sources Say Hillary Clinton Investigation Is Far More Advanced


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Even MSNBC is talking about the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and how advanced it is. FBI agents and some in the White House are starting to discuss it. Something is going down. If Hillary is interviewed now – the timing of it – could be cataclysmic, according to Mark Halperin.

The president, however, is getting more enthusiastic in his praise of Hillary. Is that a message to the FBI or confidence she will be cleared? Cokie Roberts thinks if they were going to indict, it would have happened sooner, but if it does happen, it’s over and she’s out.

The transcript:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: “To Mark, I have to tell you from a network executive high up in another network that we all know that asked when we were going to start talking about what most of us around this table are hearing from multiple sources and I’m sure you are, too, that the Hillary Clinton investigation by the FBI is far more progressed and Mika and I have been hearing it from the top officials in the Obama Administration for actually several months now and we can’t go to a meeting in Washington where we don’t hear that. I’m sure you’re hearing the same thing. What is — what are your — all of our sources high up are — and Nicolle is hearing the same thing, that this investigation is far more advanced than we the public knows. What are you hearing?”

MARK HALPERIN: “Well, there are three things people are keying off of. There’s a lot of chatter amongst FBI agents, many of whom have never been big fans of the Clinton but a lot of FBI agents seem to be saying something is happening here. From a legal point of view, you look at the recent developments we’ve talked about on the program, it’s hard to see how the judgment, the FBI, doesn’t want to interview Secretary Clinton. That interline short of an indictment, short of anything else, would be a huge political development and undermine confidence in some Democrats in the notion of going forward with Secretary Clinton and the last thing is there are people in the White House talking about this. It’s not clear whether they know what’s happening or their intuition but the body language among some Obama Administration officials is this is more serious and something is going to happen. Again, the timing of it could be if not cataclysmic pretty bad for secretary Clinton if Senator Sanders is still alive.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: “Cokie Roberts…I discount anything I hear about Republicans or Democrats that would want to run against Hillary Clinton if she were indicted but I’m hearing from people in the Obama Administration and law enforcement people more and more that something may be coming down the road. But let’s talk about timing…

COKIE ROBERTS: “That’s right. And if this is happening, they don’t seem to be telling the president because he is getting more fulsome in his support of Hillary Clinton.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: “But Cokie, were I the president of the United States — and god help America if that were to ever happen –“


JOE SCARBOROUGH: “If I knew my Justice Department were about to put an indictment on Hillary Clinton and I couldn’t do anything about it I would be more supportive of Hillary Clinton than ever before and tell America how much I love her and have confidence in her.”

COKIE ROBERTS: “I don’t think I would do that. But then, you know, you and I would probably be different presidents.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: “For your sake, I would hope so.”

COKIE ROBERTS: “But the fact is that I think that — I think if an indictment were going to come down that it would have happened sooner. Look, if there’s an indictment, it’s over. She’s out. And then they go find the “Break glass in emergency” button and then you see Joe Biden.”



  1. ” the Hillary investigation of the FBI” – now that is just opposite of what is reality. If that is what was said then this is stupidity it what was meant was just the opposite but misquoted or missed when edited then credibility. Look at the article …

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