MSNBC Says Fox News Has An Alliance With Assange and Putin


An NBC/MSNBC ‘fake news’ reporter – I guess you’d call her a reporter – is now promoting the idea that Fox News is in alliance with Assange and Putin. It’s getting crazier by the day. The left can’t handle losing the election. They were so close to putting us under their totalitarian control.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: “To your point on Russia, he said they are not smarter, they are weaker. They don’t innovate. They are known for producing and exporting oil and gas and arms. He talked about this perception and as I said when he finished talking, how is it that we have gotten to a country where in the survey he cited 37% of Republican voters are okay with Vladimir Putin.”

NICOLE WALLACE: “I will just tell you in part and maybe this is not the right thing to do, but there is another news network that has made some sort of alliance with Assange and Putin and the tactics of Putin’s Russia.”

“There was propaganda that Republicans accepted and it’s the strength at any cost to be attracted to. I’m not a fan of that message and Putin’s tactics, but I think this is a real moment of choosing. We talk every night about the man and the moment. John McCain and this moment with Trump and Putin and Russia.”

“I think that if Obama wants to continue to sort of have his voice heard on questions about Putin’s Russia, he may find strange and surprising allies in John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. I would add that Marco Rubio said the same thing Obama said today about stolen material in the midst of the heated campaign. Marco Rubio who was running for a competitive seat in Florida warned Republicans not to use the podesta e-mails. He said we might be next. Russia may hack us next. I asked Kellyanne Conway in the final weeks of the campaign if she was comfortable using the stolen e-mails and put it on Wikileaks and she said yes, we are. This is something I think the president started unwinding and I hope former presidents find themselves sometimes very reluctant to wade into domestic politics. I hope keeping an eye on Putin and Russia is one of them.”


  1. This network finds those who apparently are willing to say almost anything to gain their “fifteen minutes” of fame. As I don’t watch TV, I am not directly subjected to them, but I see new waves of them pop-up continually. They just come and go. I suppose it’s the nature of the beast as the Internet seems to breed such stuff minute by minute.

    It goes beyond all reason as to why sponsors who frequent this network continue to do so. I guess that indicates who they are trying to reach. The network must make money, so it will continue. I am ashamed that early on I was a Chris Matthews devotee and watched this network.

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