MTV Awards Show Goes Slutty


Miley and Gaga, role models for young girls, extended the limits of what is acceptable to perform in front of families with young children at the MTV awards.

Miley Cyrus, former Disney girl, has grown up to be a slutty girl. With a foam hand prop, her tongue waving around outside of her mouth, and stripping down to nude underwear, she and Robin Thicke twerked at the MTV awards to one of her songs.

Miley left little to the imagination. She used a foam finger as an active sexual part and gyrated and bounced with her butt strategically placed on Mr. Thicke, while he sang, ‘I know you want it.’ [He’s a genius] He’s also a slut.

If you don’t have talent and creativity, you can always do slut and get more mention and attention than the creative performers.


Photo of Miley sticking her tongue out while standing in her underwear and holding foam hand prop

An insider who knows Robin Thicke said he had fun, was fine with the results, said it was awesome and he had a great time.

Bill Maher tweeted that it’s been a while since he’s been in a strip club. He’s glad nothing has changed.

The Will Smith family

Photo of the Will Smith family as they watched Lady Gaga’s performance from the audience, though some say it was during Miley’s performance. Their shocked expressions reflected that of most of the crowd, which is encouraging to those of us who think young kids shouldn’t be watching this.

Lady Gaga started out in an extreme nun’s outfit and ended up in a bikini. She did something with meat and blood but you don’t want to know.

Gaga and Miley

Photo of Gaga and Miley, competing in the vulgarity category. Miley won hands-down


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