MTV Goes Full Bigot


Update: 12/21/16: MTV was forced to remove their sexist racist video, but don’t worry, you can still see it on this tweet.

The original story continues here:

These are the 2017 resolutions for white guys who they obviously don’t like or respect.

When MTV is not going full bigot, they’re discussing world shaking events such as this next one about Rihanna and her backpack.

They also retweeted this garbage because they are delusional.


  1. Wow! What a bunch of whinny people! They need to get over themselves an STOP blaming white men for THEIR failures and short comings in life!

    White men DIDN’T capture and sell black men into slavery!!!!! Your BLACK brothers did that !

    Get the chip off your shoulder or MOVE to another country since there are so many white men in America!

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