Mueller Indicts 13 Russian Trolls, No Americans Colluded, Trump’s an American


“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the [Russians’] conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.” ~ Rod Rosenstein

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced a flimsy, troll farm indictment against some Russians. It doesn’t compare with the Clinton-FusionGPS-Steele-FBI-DoJ collusion, but no one appears to be investigating that.

As Byron York observed, the Russian troll campaign began in 2014 before anyone knew who the candidates would be. The goal was always to disrupt the system and mess with Hillary.

Hillary was likely chosen as the Russians’ target because they thought she was going to be the President.

Maybe we can indict Vlad Putin for sicking annoying trolls on Hillary.

They went looking for collusion and found 13 Russian trolls astroturfing who affected nothing. Whew! That’s a relief to know.


On Friday, thirteen Russian nationals were indicted along with 3 Russian entities by a grand jury. The announcement out of Robert Mueller’s office accuses those indicted of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump” and also opposing Trump’s campaign.

Apparently, the Russian operatives also supported Bernie Sanders but no one is investigating Bernie Sanders for collusion.

“A volunteer for the Trump campaign in New York…agreed to provide signs” for a Trump rally to a Russian “posing as a US grassroots activist.” ~ That’s it, they have nothing else.

Americans were paid to participate in these illegal activities but were not aware they were dealing with Russians.

The White House announced they are not implicated and Mueller does not allege this in any way influenced the outcome of the election.


We did exactly what the Russians wanted us to do. Some citizens out there still don’t realize it because of the MSM. Our media gave Russians constant airtime and the Russians got the chaos they wanted.


The President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, responded, pointing out that no American was aware of any illegal activity. Since no one did anything “wittingly”, they are not guilty, shut it down.

This entire investigation is a sham.

Julian Assange had an interesting take.


  1. I’ve read the entire Indictment and it’s the most superficial Indictment I’ve ever read. There are charges of Identity theft and related charges.
    (This part of identity theft burns me to the nth degree. At the time my mother passed away I found numerous credit card fraudulent charges. I went to the banks, retailer and law enforcement agencies and all I received was run-arounds and passing the buck. This amounted to thousands of dollars and not a single entity were even remotely interested in locating or finding the perpetrators. I was willing to do all the work myself and for “privacy reasons” I could NOT be told anything, even though it was MY PRIVACY that was involved.)

    What Mueller has done here is open up an International Can of Worms. The vast majority of the Indictment deals with “interference” via “social media”. One case is about an individual holding a sign in front of the White House. The Indictment is the legal output for what we already have learned with the social media ad campaign. We also learned that the campaign by those Russian “agents” were so miniscule to be worthless in effect.

    If We, in this country, are going to file charges against foreign nationals in another country, a counter action is bound to happen. We have State Department officials in other countries,in Russia, and This Indictment can easily be used as a precedent to Indict American official who use social media while in those countries. Once the next Russian election occurs our people may very well need to be walking on egg shells because they may face their own Indictments, And, our own Governments words Against Russia “can and will be used against (us) in a (Russian) court of law”. So, Mueller just may have created an International Crisis.

    There is something rather funny in this Indictment. One of the entities is a “Catering” service. If we assume they sell ham sandwiches, we can conclude the FBI, via the Grand Jury, has Indicted a ham sandwich, thus fulfilling the adage, “can indict a ham sandwich.

    There is one final observation in the timing of this Russian involvement. I just wonder if this began as a result of the U.S. State Department’s flagrant interference in the overthrowing the pro-Russian Ukrainian Government. State was Deeply involved in overthrowing that Government. Whether WE like it or not there is a vast majority of pro-Russian nationals that
    actually prefer ties with Russia in Ukraine.

  2. Obviously after many months and millions of dollars spent on this distraction of an investigation into Trump collusion with Russia, something had to be produced to justify its existence. The indictment of 13 Russians for exercising free speech in this country is utterly bizarre. If foreign citizens are not allowed to speak politically in the US, then what about all the Dreamers, all the illegals here who protest regularly, who celebrate La Raza, who march in demonstrations by the thousands? Have they not tried to influence our elections, and on a much, much broader scale than the Russians?

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