Mueller Moves to Limit Trump’s Constitutional Power to Pardon


Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly working with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on his investigation of Paul Manafort who served briefly as Trump’s campaign chairman. He might also be looking into Trump’s businesses and a way that he can limit or basically negate Trump’s power to pardon under the Constitution.

NY AG Schneiderman

Politico reports that Mueller and the NY AG’s office are sharing evidence. Schneiderman’s team is investigating Trump’s businesses and may give the information to Mueller.

Schneiderman is the fascist who led 16 attorneys general in a fight to imprison climate doubters. Schneiderman hates Trump and Republicans. He’s been attacking Trump on every issue he possibly can.

The concern is that Mueller teaming with a state attorney general could be part of a strategy to limit Trump’s constitutional power to pardon. Trump does not have the power to pardon state and local crimes under the Constitution.

The investigation is a witch hunt.

Mueller, who ran a Democrat law firm, has hired seven lawyers who have donated to Democratic candidates, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. One worked for the Clinton Foundation. Several have given large sums.

For example, James Quarrels, a former partner at Wilmer Hale, has donated $34,400 to Democrats, including $5,700 in 2016.

Other donors who have given significant amounts include Andrew Weissman, who gave $6,600 total to former President Barack Obama and Clinton; Jeannie Rhee, who gave $11,950 to Obama, Clinton, and various other Democrats; and Andrew Goldstein, who donated $6,600 to Obama.



  1. This is getting ridiculous. Did Manafort commit a crime? I have no idea. But a Federally appointed special prosecutor or special WTF they call him should pursue the case Federally. Once he tries to get around Federal Law, the investigation should be stopped or at the very least have this investigator removed. That to me is special lawyer tricks. It is time for Trump to call in the AG, DAG and Mueller and say enough is enough. Someone needs to provide the lane, time frame and say nothing investigated prior to Trump getting endorsed. This idea that I am putting Mueller on the case and then recusing myself so he reports to no one is ridiculous and that is exactly what DAG did. He set this up so that it would need to be Trump that fires him. If I were the Trump lawyers in response to this I would start floating the idea that Mueller under the special prosecutor law should have recused himself due to his relationship with Comey and the fact he interviewed for the FBI job the day before being appointed so he could use any info from that interview in this investigation. They will take this to court if Mueller goes the NYS route.

  2. The day is coming very soon when Americans are going to have to choose between fascism and freedom. The longer we sit on our rears and allow the liberal Nazis to have their way the more blood will have to be spilled saving the nation.

  3. There is no doubt Sessions is part of the deep state. Recusing himself so soon in the investigation was the first clue. Not going after Lynch, Rice, Lerner, Comey, FBI, etc confirms it. The big question is why is Trump allowing it??

  4. The “timing” of all this is getting quite suspicious. I’ll have to do some more reading but I am beginning to contemplate that possibly Mueller knew some time ago the Russia narrative was without merit but, along with the associates he has chosen, decided to take the investigation into matters that were stalled at the state level.

    The reports of some state investigations gaining very little traction and when the Federal Government decided to pursue an investigation not limited by time, money or resources, it allows the pursuit of those states to have the full power of the Federal Government to bear down on the defendants.

    Therefore, we should ask, AND investigate whether or not Mueller has had ulterior motives in his pursuit. He should be “grilled” on his reasons for choosing the particular individuals assigned as his staff.

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